Monday, February 14, 2011

Will A Hemroid Go Away On Its Own

Ted Hughes. Malokrovka

About malokrovka, hiding from the mountains in the mountains,
Wounded stars and expiring shadows,
eating healing the earth.

Weak blood, small boneless fine without skin,
plowing skeleton linnet,
Reap the wind and threshed by stones.

Weak blood drumming in a cow's skull,
dancing on the legs midges
with the nose of an elephant with a tail of crocodile.

Grown so wise grown so terrible moldy
sucking tits death.

Sit on my finger, sit down мне на ухо, о малокровка.

Ted Highes. Littleblood

О littleblood, hiding from the mountains in the mountains
Wounded by stars and leaking shadow
Eating the medical earth.

О littleblood, little boneless little skinless
Ploughing with a linnet's carcase
Reaping the wind and threshing the stones.

О littleblood, drumming in a cow's skull
Dancing with a gnat's feet
With an elephant's nose with a crocodile's tail.

Grown so wise grown so terrible
Sucking death's mouldy tits.

Sit on my finger, sing in my ear, O littleblood.


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