Sunday, February 6, 2011

Denise Milani Vs Lindsey Mckinsey

Sv.Grigory Theologian

Who is to maintain good from some interests that are not steadfast in virtues, for the purpose of change, and he leave a good thing, like a sailing-for-profit does not continue to swim if you do not see a profit. But who honors and loves the good for the sake of goodness, that because like something permanent, and the location of the good is constant, so that, feeling in himself something peculiar to God, can say about myself spoken by God Himself: I have the same and do not change (Mal. 3,6). So he will not turn, take on different species, according to the circumstances and affairs, to do so, then the other, change colors, like a polyp takes the color of the stone, to which he attached himself, but always stays the same - steadfast among fluctuations among nesovratim vicissitudes, and, as can imagine it's a rock, which is under the stress of winds and waves is unshakable, and destroy everything it hits the. But of this enough, because I do not have time to wrangle words and has been said earlier, perhaps more than has the measure.


taken from [info] origenic


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