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Cover Letterfor Sale Excutive

[Translation] DUET 2011.01 ~ Kyomoto Taiga share.

Well I just realize that the translation was already done on a community
xD ~ My excuse is that I did not know this community.
short interview with Taiga's very nice theme for Christmas =)

If you want the translation of Part Yasui I invite you to go> there \u0026lt;


- The desire Taiga Christmas
- Nakamaru & Koyama are not very nice (to break the illusion of a very young schoolboy xD)

DUET 2011.01: Smile Snow

Taiga Kyomoto:

Hey, have you ever seen Santa Claus? I think he was there when I was in my early school years primary. On Christmas Day, on the other side of the second story window, I saw the silhouette of a man who resembled Santa Claus. I was suspicious of this mysterious person (smile). When I was in Grade 6 {primary is the first year of college here}, the recording of [Shounen Club], I said " ; I saw Santa Claus! " MCs and presenters {} Nakamaru Yuichi-kun Koyama Keiichiro-kun and replied: "Do not you know there is not (smile)? " At that time, honestly, I still believed in the existence of Santa Claus so I was surprised (smile). Each year, I continue to write a letter to Santa. It is a tradition for me to write the gifts I want and all the good and bad things I did during the year and then deliver the letter to my parents but I wonder what they do with it ~.
[My wish for Christmas!] I want to become someone who is respected by my juniors like my beloved Tomohisa Yamashita-kun. Also, I want to have an aura that makes people think " woah! " just my presence!

Credit scans and trad eng: juniority


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