Saturday, February 5, 2011

Epiphone Sheraton Montreal

philosophy of life ..

Artist from Turkey ... Gurbuz Dogan Eksioglu ...

The fact that there is always a choice ...

 (600x456, 85Kb)

The fact that we often forget that we have our wings ... And flying on foreign ...

 (600x507, 74Kb)

about the hopelessness of ... The fact that there are always hope ...

 (438x600, 78Kb)

 (600x441, 72Kb)

about self-deception ...

 (600x459, 67Kb)

The fact that life and complex and simple at the same time ...

One dove is locked in a cage ... And the second? He - free! But if you take off, locked drop into the water. In life, always having to make a choice ...

 (600x429, 48Kb)

Errors ... About the heartache ... We can peacefully rocking on the waves, but some of us have already collapsed ...

 (600x468, 104Kb)

The fact that the man still tend to strive for better, for a brighter ... And this desire, he can overcome a lot ...

 (455x600, 102Kb)

2b411fc9889f (600x423, 88Kb)

And many more about ... Thoughts .... Reflections ...

 (600x456, 84Kb)

 (600x420, 70Kb)

 (600x440, 57Kb)

 (395x600, 84Kb)

 (600x459, 66Kb)

 (422x600, 62Kb)

 (465x600, 101Kb)

 (424x600, 127Kb)

 (425x600, 88Kb)

 (436x600, 69Kb)

 (404x600, 94Kb)

 (425x600, 109Kb)

 (437x600, 95Kb)

 (427x600, 116Kb)

 (600x430, 58Kb)

 (600x315, 48Kb)

 (426x600, 96Kb)

 (600x325, 42Kb)

 (600x458, 50Kb)


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