Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gorean Slave Education

Proverbs of Japan.


Once four monks shut in a cell of the mountain temple, gave a vow to remain silent for seven days. They had access to only a boy-servant, brings all the necessary.

At nightfall in the cell began to grow dim light. It seemed he was about to expire. One of the monks he had been sitting closer to the fire others, downright alarmed and exclaimed:

- Boy, as soon straighten the wick!

hearing this, the monk, who sat beside him, said:

- Who was it said when he gave a vow of silence? Second neighbor became very angry at both for violations of the vow, and said:

- And you only for the people!

Then the senior monk, who were seated at the main location, with an air of importance has spoken:

- only for me was to keep silent!


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