Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kamenstein Replacement Spices

«In Russia, born and baptized, but because God and pray for the Russian Czar»

In 1609, the Poles took possession of Rostov, robbed temples and miracle-working shrine of Rostov and destroyed all the surrounding villages. Ferocious pan Mikulsky appeared in the Monastery of Sts, and went to the elder Irinarkh with other pans, asked whom he acknowledges for the king.

«I live in Russia, - said the old man - admit the Russian tsar, while others do not know." One of the lords said to him: "You, Elder, a traitor to our king, and Demetrius did not priemlesh. The elder replied: "Yes, I do not accept, and if you kill me for it, gladly accept death as a living God has a sword, invisible posekayuschy without blood. " Marveled at the Poles of wisdom and boldness, and left alone. When approached Sapieha with troops to the monastery, все ожидали, что монастырь будет истреблен вместе с иноками. Преподобный Иринарх слезно молился Господу, Сапега пришел к старцу в келию. «Благослови, батька, as terpenes flour in a prison? "- said the ascetic Sapieha. "For God endure" - answered the old man. "He does not want to pray for no king, no king for Dimitri ", - said came from Sapieha. Elder repeated his previous answer: "In Russia, born and baptized, and therefore to God I pray for the Russian Tsar." Sapieha said: "The truth batko large, in which the earth to live, to the king, and right." Elder said Sapieha: "Go back, sir, in your land, you completely ruin Russia, if you do not get out of Russia, I assure you God will kill you in Russia. " Sapieha hesitated and said: "What gift do you want? Such a dad I had not seen anywhere else, so fearless in front of our sword. " "The Lord feeds me - answered the old man - but as a guide you God has done so." Sapieha sent five rubles money and strictly forbidden to disturb the monastery.

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