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[Translation] Wink Up 2011.01 ~ Kentaro Yasui & Kyomoto Taiga share.

's a new entry = D
It provides a translation of two of my favorite Jr: Kyomoto Taiga and Yasui Kentaro
Oh and for those who love Kisuma the junior to give the envelope to be none other than Hiro Yasui
= D I really love these two little interview, Taiga and Yasui are really cabbage
Spe xD I find specially Taiga

I translated only the part Taiga, Part Yasui was translated from Japanese xD by Jolly-chou/Toubib


- Taiga has a destiny incredible
- Y AsuII loves joking

WINK UP 2011.01: Become warm all

Kyomoto Taiga:

[Something in which you felt the heat in] I was really excited when I learned by the staff some time ago that Tegoshi-kun spoke to me on his page in the January issue. I got some advice saying, "sings without trying to sing well, but rather the importance of taking feelings you convey in words" so I thought certainly this Technical and my feelings "I want to sing skillfully" could have been stronger than anything. It's true! I am very happy to receive such words of a sempai that I admire. Thank you for the valuable advice!
[Something you somehow anxious] Rather than something I could not wait, it's something that surprised me but the truth it seems that I have met Yamada-kun, when I was younger. It also seems that when I was playing in the park, Yamada-kun and his mother also went there. Recently, I was surprised when he told me " My mother says that when I was younger, I played with the son of Kyomoto Masaki is what it was you, Taiga? " is really surprising that a fate we would meet again like that.

Credit English: hisakolychee

Yasui Kentaro:

[I feel the heat] The foundation of my happiness is when I feel the emotions / feelings of those around me. For activities that I as a junior, I feel tremendous gratitude. Appear in magazines and radio programs and television is something that makes me happy. Recently, I gained experience with it, but I could argue that with the support of my growing family ... Really, I am most grateful veeeeeery. It is as if their kindness was only grow ... Just kidding! (Laughter) It was a cry of heart.
[I sweat a bit] Not long ago, when I was running with three people to go to the studio, a policeman asked us " Where are you? No problem? " I asked myself" Why we request that to us? "
He had to make blamed for APEC, many people have that kind of voice.
Then the policeman said " What you do is strange, but I guess that's okay. ", he laughed. My heart beat a little too fast at that time.

Trad en: Jolly_Roger


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