Monday, February 7, 2011

Reverse Compounding Mortgage

Ted Hughes. The truth kills All

So Raven found Protea - from the sun steaming -
Stinks algae from the sea Like a cork bottom
of terrestrial sink.
He lay there, his nauseated.

Raven tensed and leaned his heels -

And there was the famous swollen Achilles - but he kept it
Esophagus big-eyed shark - but he held his squirming tangle
Mamba - but he kept his

Was there a bare electrical 2000 volts -
He stood on the sidelines, looking at his body turning blue
and held and held him

yelling he grabbed a woman by the throat -
and held it

detached wheel rode to the edge of a cliff -
He held it

treasure chest in delaying the black abyss - he kept his

Ankle taking off furious angel - he held her

hot beating heart Christ - he kept his

Earth shrunk to the size of a hand grenade

And he held her, he held her and held her and


Its been blown to pieces.

Ted Hughes. Truth Kills Everybody

So Crow found Proteus – steaming in the sun.
Stinking with sea-bottom growths
Like the plug of the earth's sump-outlet.
There he lay – belching quakily.

Crow pounced and buried his talons –

And it was the famous bulging Achilles – but he held him
The oesophagus of a staring shark – but he held it
A wreath of lashing mambas – but he held it

It was a naked powerline, 2000 volts –
He stood aside, watching his body go blue
As he held it and held it

It was a screeching woman and he had her by the throat –
He held it

A gone steering wheel bouncing towards a cliff edge -
He held it

A trunk of jewels dragging into a black depth - he held it

The ankle of a rising, fiery angel - he held it

Christ's hot pounding heart - he held it

The earth, shrunk to the size of a hand grenade

And he held it he held it and held it and


He was blasted to nothing.


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