Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Burst Capillaries On Head Of

Ted Hughes. Raven. From the life and songs Raven

translation of the book is completed.
Here are links to members of her poems:

Ted Hughes. Crow. From the Life and Songs of the Crow
Published by Faber and Faber
© Ted Hughes, 1970, 1972

[1] Two legends
[2] Pedigree
[3] exam at the door of the womb
[4] Murder
[5] Crow and Mama
[6] door
[7] childish pranks
[8] first lesson Raven
[9] Raven descends
[10] the moment
[11] Raven hears a knock at the door of Destiny
[12] Crow Tyrannosaurus
[13] Story of the Battle Raven
[14] Black Monster
[ 1915] Chuckles
[16] Raven Communion
[17] story of Raven St.. Georgia
[18] disaster
[19] Battle Osfrontalise
[20] Theology Raven
[21] Fall Crow
[22] Raven and poultry
[23] Criminal ballad
[24] Raven on the shore
[25] Bidder
[26] Raven Oedipus
[27] Vanity Raven
[ 1928] eerie religious Error
[29] Crow refers to the press
[30] from the crow rent nerves
[31] Laughing
[32] Raven frowns
[33] Magic danger
[34] The Song Thrush
[35] Foci in paradise
[36] Raven goes on a hunt
[37] Song Owl
[38] vocals Raven
[39] Song of the Raven of the elephant totem
[40] dawn rose
[41] Comrades Raven on games
[42] Voronego
[43] Smile
[44] Crow improvises
[45] Voronotsvet
[46] Battle Rage Raven
[47] raven black as never
[48] fable about revenge
[49] Tale overnight
[50] Song of the Raven of himself
[51] crow vomit
[52] Song for a phallus
[53] Apple tragedy
[54] Raven draws itself into the Chinese fresco
[55] last stronghold Raven
[56] Raven and the Sea
[57] truth kills all
[58] Crow and Stone
[59] fragment of an ancient plate
[60] Outlines of a small piece
[61] Anthem Snake
[62] Song of Love
[63] look briefly
[64] King fell
[65] Two Eskimo Song (Escape from eternity; As the water started to play)
[66] Malokrovka

Hughes, left, and other poems about the crow, the general ledger were not included. Part they are scattered in various collections, part and does only come out from under a personal printing press of the poet and (until the fundamental brick Collected Poems) in the books were not published. These sprays have came the here will show up in my journal for some time ;-)

Many thanks to all for your support!
proposals for improving the Russian texts continue to be accepted in the comments to him:)


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