Saturday, February 12, 2011

Men Do You Wear Thong Or Gstrings Fulltime

Ted Hughes. Hymn of the Snake

Serpent in garden,
Even if not God,
was throbbing,
current Adamic blood.

blood of the body of Adam,
What flowed into Eve,
was something eternal, that
Adam called love.

blood of the body of Eve,
What flowed out of her womb -
Tied to the cross,
not had a name.

there was nothing else.
undying love
Resets millions of people
and worn skin,

so that she hung an empty stocking.
and suffering continues
Не омрачают ни сад,
Ни песню Змея.

Ted Hughes. Snake Hymn

The snake in the garden
If it was not God
It was the gliding
And push of Adam's blood.

The blood in Adam's body
That slid into Eve
Was the everlasting thing
Adam swore was love.

The blood in Eve's body
That slid from her womb –
Knotted on the cross
It had no name.

Nothing else has happened.
The love that cannot die
Sheds the million faces
And skin of agony

To hang, an empty husk.
Still no suffering
Darkens the garden
Or the snake's song.


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