Saturday, February 26, 2011

Slingshot Tripod Carrier

Ted Hughes. Lullaby

called Baby Mama - a skull horribly stings,
Anger mortal hunger trap-clip without affection.
called Baby Mama - a skeleton caught him,
klatsat fragile bones, zvyakali glass joints.
called Baby Mama - Tomb blinked, catch,
opened and teeth and tongue sprawled flag
crawled to the sideboard, The baby was calling Mom.

Mama came with bull nostrils
Mama came a feather on a stick
Mama came in the skin affection

saddled, she caught something thighs squeezed While it
snake person begged for yavis Beauty.
She saw through the trick, something that promised land.
Skeleton swore to its centennial force.
Jaws Skull opened. She relaxed and let go of it.

bore him.

called Baby Mama.

Ted Hughes. Lullaby

Baby bawled for Mama - skull savaged it,
Death-hunger anger, the kissless trap-clamp.
Baby bawled for Mama - skeleton skelped it,
Clash of crockery knuckles, the shatter-bottle bones.
Baby bawled for Mama – grave grinned, gripped it,
Windowgap teeth and a flagfloor tongue,
Crawled toward the cupboard, Baby bawled for Mama.

Mama came, with her bull nostrils
Mama came, a feather on a stick
Mama came, in the skin of a weasel

Bestrid the thing, between her thighs she trapped it, throttled it
Till the snake-face gaped О became Beauty.
She twisted its deceits, it promised the earth.
And the skeleton pledged its hundred year strength.
And the skull's jaws opened. She loosed it, released it.

Delivered it.

Baby bawled for Mama.


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