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87-year-old frontovichku evicted from the apartment

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In Moscow 87-year-old war veteranku Olga Morozova kicked out of his apartment, where she lived for almost 50 years. Employees of the Department of Housing policy demanded that the old liberated living space.
According to documents Morozova apartment is ready for implementation.

87-year-old Olga Morozova, shed blood in the Great Patriotic War, was asked to vacate the apartment where she lived for almost 50 years.
old woman believes that a victim махинации, за которой стоят нечистые на руку чиновники.

Неразбериха с квартирой началась, когда ухаживавшая за фронтовичкой работница соцслужбы persuaded her to lie down in a boarding house "Konkovo.
- When I arrived, I immediately seized the passport, - says Olga Filippovna. - And there, in that "leftists" (As a pensioner dubbed a nursing home), I have been prescribed.

left "Konkovo" old left in his apartment old nephew - lying disabled.

In the pension frontovichka lived exactly six months. By law, it was so much given the old man to decide to return home or stay in a boarding house forever. If the decision was not made, the pensioner in the prescribed boarding automatically.
Pensioner tried several times to leave the boarding house, but his staff said that the treatment is not yet finished, leave too early.

Olga Filippovna was released only after the unexpected death of his nephew Sergei - The only one who was registered in the apartment of a veteran.
- Sergei died of a heart attack, although his heart was healthy, - says the veteran.

buried his nephew, she once again settled in his apartment. But the measured life ended when a knock at the door of the pensioner people from the Department of Housing Policy in Moscow and asked to release the living space.
- turns out I lived in a boarding house for six months and 3 days and expressed the desire to return home, - says Olga Morozova. - Now my apartment is transferred to the state.

The Department of Housing Policy said that the old woman to blame herself.
- is the law. Grandma explained everything, but she said she did not want to stay in a boarding house "Konkovo" - commented the district employee of the Social Welfare Tatyana Voronina.

February 24 at the apartment of Olga Filip Commission Directorate showed up a single customer to make the act of illegal residence. Now, judging by the Securities Department of Housing Policy, "free living space" should "do the implementation."

- I fought in the South-Western Front, was Signalman at the Second Ukrainian, - says Olga Filippovna fingering trembling hands identity - evidence of past prowess. - After the war, health shaken. Did not I deserve a peaceful old age?


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