Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is Thyroid Is Heridity?

Ted Hughes. Fragment of ancient plate

Above - familiar to his lips, gently lowered.
Below - beard between his hips.

above - her eyebrows, wonderful casket diamonds.
Below - belly with a bloody bundle.

Above - frown.
Below - time bomb of the future.

above - its perfect teeth, with a hint of fangs in corner of his mouth.
Below - millstones of two worlds.

above - the word and breath.
Below - blood clots and children.

above - the person in the form of a perfect heart.
Below - torn face сердца.

Ted Hughes. Fragment of an Ancient Tablet

Above – the well-known lips, delicately downed.
Below – beard between thighs.

Above – her brow, the notable casket of gems.
Below – the belly with its blood-knot.

Above – many a painful frown.
Below – the ticking bomb of the future.

Above – her perfect teeth, with the hint of a fang at the corner.
Below – the millstones of two worlds.

Above – a word and a sigh.
Below – gouts of blood and babies.

Above – the face, shaped like a perfect heart.
Below - the heart's torn face.


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