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[Translation] Wink Up 2011.02 ~ Kentaro Yasui & Kyomoto Taiga share.

I will not dwell too, I'm dying laundry as you want xD So last
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- Taiga had his sense of humor kill
- Yasui was a "micro problem" of a sempai

WINK UP 2011.02: Cute and hot

Kyomoto taiga:

The thing I was warm the emergence of junior Kansai Touzai ~ ~ Uta Gassen. Especially with the "comedy" the heat of the guys Kansai is not without enthusiasm at all, and from the moment they started the rehearsals were great , super fun. I have blood half-Kansai so I guess I'm mixed race (smile), and they killed my direct sense of humor. The only exception was Kamiyama-kun *. I thought it was the cheerful type, but in reality all Kansai juniors who came, it is most cool and calm. Who was the most spirited? Probably Kiriyama-kun ¤, as everyone could guess (smile). It would be nice if you had the opportunity to stand on stage with the juniors from Kansai like that.

* Refers to Kamiyama Tomohiro, members of Hey! Say! 7 West (group in which Nakayama Yuma is too).
¤ References Kiriyama Akito, a member of ADB to have seen the side of Takaki Yuya (HSJ) in the drama Gokusen3 and in the film and SP

Credit English: hisakolychee

Yasui Kentaro :

In the recent concert Touzai ~ ~ Uta Gassen, many sempai came to support us, but I helped Yamashita-kun * onstage. But his microphone was bad, and no sound came out of it. I went into a panic and thought: "wah, what do I do! "However, Yamashita-kun, who had guessed what was happening, simply acted as if nothing is out of the ordinary, went on stage and did his job. It was so quiet, and also when I saw his cool I thought: "wah, cool! "And my heart became hot (smile). In the future I want to become a person who can adapt to any situation and can deal with those that occur.

* Refers to Tomohisa Yamashita, Member NEWS group.

Credit English: juniority


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