Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Horoscope Doesnt Match

[Translation] Potato 2011.02 ~ Casey Anderson

And yes again
translation xD Here it is from Casey Anderson, another
Jr. I really appreciate it often with Taiga and Yasui and other short Jr
here the interview short as always - "


- Casey likes rap and make magic
- It is eager to get on stage (theater) for the first time

Potato 2011.02 ~ Casey Anderson: Back Stage

I practice rap and made magic with cards in the box often. I always watch my magic Yasui so often recently that he finally get tired from now on I'll let Noeru see it (laughs). It's fun backstage when it comes to this kind of feeling but before the execution, I get nervous so suddenly. Five minutes before my turn, I forget where I'm supposed to stand when Yasui teaches me where it is because I'm in a hurry. This other side of me is certainly incompetent? But everyone already knows that (laughs).

"Takizawa Kakumei Shinshun" will be my first appearance on stage (theater) for a long time so I'm looking forward to it. I'm happy because I can talk with the Snow Man Apart, and I also want to show everyone behind the scenes some new magic. My goal is to demonstrate the magic that Takizawa-kun made using crystals!

Credit English: hisakolychee


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