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[Translation] Potato 2011.03 ~ Yabu Kota Hikaru & Yaotome Crosstalk

Hi everyone xD
I returned with a translation well funny xD So
an interview in March 2011 of Potato
Interview "crossover" Yabu Hikaru &
I can tell you that its definitely worth a visit xD
These two are made to say stupid things all
xD So I leave you with the interview if I may say too much and Will there really an element of surprise = D


- Hikaru will become a mother (one of Ryu in this case xD)
- The BEST are like girls: her chatting and realize that its been already 2-3h
its hard xD - The 7 are a group of "mysterious people" (dixit Hikaru)
- Ryu seems to blame the Spotless Mind by our two friends xD

Potato 2011.03: Yabu Kota x Yaotome Hikaru Crosstalk

The good of JUMP is likely that we are animated / noisy. In BEST, there is also a kind of vitality that is different from JUMP.

Yabu: is true. When all the 10 we're together, we will split into a number of small groups and will sound, this kind of feeling. However, when it's the BEST, we are talking enthusiastically about a common topic among the five of us. There are also cases when we realize we've talked for 2-3 hours.

Hikaru: Yeah, like girls (laughs).

Yabu: Even if there are two groups, BEST and 7, there is no wall between us. Is it not as something that can be proud JUMP?

Hikaru: It is true that the age difference and others do not matter.

Yabu: Instead when we listen to stories Ryutaro example, it's really interesting is not it (laughs). Because
Topics are like those of a schoolboy way. When he was in 1st year of college, he used to say: "The sempai is scary, what should I do? "But now (it says) more tips on passing examinations.

Hikaru: Speaking of that, I was asked things that should not be sent to me as "When should I submit the form application? (Laughs)

Yabu: He comes to us for discussions is not normal. I heard that Hikaru was approached and consulted about hairstyles?

Hikaru: Yeah we wonder, like "how I should cut my hair? "Also, I heard that the beautician told what to do with my exact board as," It's good if you do it like that. "

Yabu: You're a mother now?" (Laughs)

Hikaru: Yes (laughs). The characters of the members of BEST are interesting and I love it. Because the characters and views are different from us 5.

Yabu: When one of us does something, other members would make a tsukkomi ( N: That's correct someone ) to him is not it. The other day when I walked, I dropped my bag. It was a normal thing for me, but ...

Hikaru: This is not normal!

Yabu: Yeah, I was informed by Hikaru, "You drop it normally? (Laughs) Then he said, "Yabu, drop your bag is a weird thing to do" and I am grateful for that. Because of this I started thinking, "So this is weird. I'll be careful not to drop (my bag) then. "

Hikaru: Nah, it's because of dropping your bag is generally weird so I've just said it's weird that's all (laughs). In addition, when Yabu and I got together for dances and other, everyone is really in BEST oddly happy about it "It YabuHika! Even when both of us have a silly conversation, they immediately come and say, "You two are on good terms ~.
Because it is rare for both of us to be together these days, they seem happy about that (laughs).

Yabu: of 7 characters are too diverse, is not it? In a good way I think everybody changes.

Hikaru: Yep, they do change! A mysterious group of people (laughs). Is not that why they get along somehow?

Yabu: When I talk to Chinen I think this kind of high school does not exist. It's the same for Yama-chan. Even when I think back to my high school period, there person who had really studied Korean (Hangul) seriously. Because we have made our start at a young age, everyone is an adult inside, is not it. Except Ryutaro.

Hikaru: Ryutaro ~ is really a kid (laughs) Speaking of different characters, Yabu and my character is the complete opposite is not it?

Yabu: Yep, totally opposed. I'm kind of relaxed but Hikaru does not like things impromptu and unplanned, is not it?

Hikaru: Yabu often said that it will work somehow but I can not help it if I feel uncomfortable! Ah ~ It's like I wanted to take the decisions provided for things.

Yabu: There are also times when some of us who have opposite personalities is put to good use. For this reason we can find the right balance is not it?

credit English and scan: Kamenashi05


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