Friday, February 18, 2011

What Does Isis Stand For?

Ted Hughes. Bone

Кости – бешеный pony.
lunar-white - a star-crazy.
Skeleton yes skull.

hoof beats. Sleep wakes up screaming.

Who broke?
Who climbed on him and returned
Or keep it?

He heaves beneath them - a snake whip hump.

Gone hero for hero -
severely jump farther,
hair stand on end.

Pony laughs, scenting battle – их крики летят обратно.

Кто проживёт за него жизнь?
Любая попытка его удержать, развернуть отлетает от пони
Как сгнившая сбруя.

Возвращаются разбитые person returned watch da purses.

This sickly land stallion -
Splits cradle
in chips and get away.

Ted Hughes. Bones

Bones is a crazy pony.
Moon-white - star-mad.
All skull and skeleton.

Her hooves pound. The sleeper awakes with a cry.

Who has broken her in?
Who has mounted her and come back
Or kept her?

She lifts under them, the snaking crest of a bullwhip.

Hero by hero they go –
Grimly get astride
And their hair lifts.

She laughs, smelling the battle – their cry comes back.

Who can live her life?
Every effort to hold her or turn her falls off her
Like rotten harness.

Their smashed faces come back, the wallets and the watches.

And this is the stunted foal of the earth –
She that kicks the cot
To flinders and is off.


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