Thursday, February 10, 2011

How Long Does It Take For Heartgard Plus To Work

Ted Hughes. Crows and stones

Shustrov Crow had feared
over his eyes - two drops of dew.
Stone, a defender of the globe, flying directly into the him.

no sense to describe the battle,
In the course of which a stone knocked senseless,
A Raven was getting quicker and smarter.

Tight excited Arena Space
Welcomed the gladiators for eon aeon.
echoes of their battle is still audible.

vain flew stone turned to dust,
A Crow became a monster - as soon as he blink,
As the world trembles in fear.

And until now has never killed
helplessly croaks
And just born.

Ted Hughes. Crow and Stone

Crow was nimble but had to be careful
Of his eyes, the two dewdrops.
Stone, champion of the globe, lumbered towards him.

No point in detailing a battle
Where stone battered itself featureless
While Crow grew perforce nimbler.

The subnormal arena of space, agog,
Cheered these gladiators many aeons.
Still their struggle resounds.

But by now the stone is a dust – flying in vain,
And Crow has become a monster – his mere eyeblink
Holding the very globe in terror.

And still he who never has been killed
Croaks helplessly
And is only just born.


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