Sunday, February 6, 2011

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need help!

At Monday, January 31, 2011 Fr. Arkady Kutuzov, rector of St Sergius church FROC Sychovka in the Smolensk region, appealed to Christians with a request: "I got burned house. Please help me. "

Due to negligence during the firing furnace caused a fire, the fire damaged floors, ceilings, interior floors inside the house, and also burned private household things about. Arcadia. Fortunately, the walls and roof of the house managed to defend.

To be lengthy and costly repairs. The parish, which serves about. Arkady Kutuzov, the poor and minorities, and at the priest at the moment, five minor children.

assistance could be provided by transferring funds to the banking card Visa. Card Number 4276 8590 2416 3683 , the recipient - Kutuzov Arkady Antonovich. When transferring the cash necessary to present a passport or other document evidencing personality.

Contact Fr. Arkady by phone.: 8 (915) 634-68-73.


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