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[Translation] DUET 2011.02 ~ Kentaro Yasui & Kyomoto Taiga share.

To keep the continuity: Taiga & Yasui
Here is one of the DUET February 2011
J ' I took a lot of fun to translate it, the part of Taiga made me laugh xD
Just as the "title" (Jump like a rabbit ... xD) I love the draft
Taiga * o * end of the second part about detective Kentaro xD
also made me laugh

What is written between {} comes from the English translator, in \u0026lt;> Me xD


- Taiga want to travel alone
- Yasui want to play the role of a villain
Duet February 2011: Jump like a rabbit

Kyomoto Taiga:

[Challenge traveling alone] My aspiration for this year is to travel alone. Because I want to experience what I can handle myself. When I talked to my parents they said "It is too early for that. It would not be better to do later? "I think it myself, but I would defy it and grow to adulthood, is not it? There is talk of a play my favorite anime will be made in Kyoto, so I try to go to Kyoto!
[Take Picture] I just love taking pictures I thought to join the photography club. I took pictures when I found a beautiful landscape that I found around my 4th year of primary school, but this year I want to sincerely defy photography.
[I want to play the role of a detective!] Like anime policeman, so one day I want to try to play the role of a detective. To make a good drama, this year I will express my emotions well! I graduated from the attitude of being inexpressive! \u0026lt; wholesale: I'm super expressionless> (smile)

Credit English: juniority

Yasui Kentaro:

[Making the most beautiful smile my signature] I aim a smile as bright as Ryosuke Yamada-kun! If you consciously try to make a good speech, it turns into something strange, so I have to explore ways to have a smile on top at any time (smile).
[I want to defy the Snowboard] relatively I triumphed with skis, but I have never challenged the Snowboard. I also triumphed with surfing, so I am confident that I can stand balancing on top of the board. Surely I'm ready to go snowboarding!?
[I Want to Be a Villain Challenge] When I appeared in the play [Takizawa Kabuki], I had the role of a Oyama {male person who plays the role of a woman}, the next time I want a manly challenge, the role of villains. When I saw Fujigaya Taisuke-kun and Yuma Sanada-kun playing villains, I thought "these are really bad guys" (smile) but they sure they were super cool. It's my ambition to make the public really believes that I'm bad, I think it would be great to do.
{Note: At the beginning Kentaro said he wanted a smile like Aiba, and now he says he wants one like Yama-chan? Make your choice xD. Personally, I think his smile is just fine, but if there were to copy one of them, I would Aiba. In addition, the way he talks about skiing and snowboarding, it appears that Kentaro can do sports, which is pretty cool.}

Credit English: juniority


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