Sunday, February 20, 2011

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if any of you think to be wise in this age, the become a fool (1Kor.3 :18-19)

Life of St. Simeon of our fathers, Fool for Christ's sake, and John spostnika his

- I do not know for a personal such that it would be worthy of heavenly reward, for God's fool, and devoid of reason, which may receive an award, do nothing, by His grace, mercy me, my Lord? but I beg you, brother, none of the poor, especially of the monks, do not despise and do not blame them, he shall know thy love, that many of them cleared of suffering and as the sun shine before God. and among ordinary people living in villages and cultivate the land, leading to life gentleness and uprightness of heart, which no one scold, do not hurt, but from the labor of their hands by the sweat of his bread to eat, a lot, among such great saints: for he saw them coming to town and commune Body and Blood of Christ, and shining like pure gold. Everything that I say unto thee, my lord, do not think that I speak from some vanity, but your love not forced to hide from you my laziness wretched lives. Know ye that the Lord and you will soon be here: let us therefore take care as there are forces of his soul to be able to move without delay to the air spirits and escape from the hands of a cruel prince of darkness. Know the Lord my God, that I have a lot of sadness and great fear, yet will not pass these terrible places where all human deeds and words dealt with in detail. That's why I pray thee, my son and my brother John, tried in every way be merciful: for in the hour of danger charity can help us more than all other virtues , as it is written: "Blessed is he who thinks about the poor! On the day of disaster LORD will deliver him "(Ps.40: 2). Keep well and these things: not to proceed with the divine service, bearing against someone angry, but do not insult your sins are coming to the Holy of the Spirit.

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