Monday, February 7, 2011

Brazilian Wax With A Yeast Infection

great theologian Sv.Grigory ..

But the interception of many sins, which grew from the root damage caused by different reasons and at different times, man and first persuade a manifold: in short, the Law, the Prophets, blessings, threats, punishments, floods, fires, wars, victories, defeats, the signs of heaven, signs in the air, on land, at sea, sudden upheavals in the fate of individuals, cities and nations (all of it was intended to make amends for damage); Finally it became necessary strong medicine, due to a heavy afflictions: homicide, adultery, perjury, and that muzheneistovstva the last and first of all evils - Idolatry and worship the creature rather than the Creator. Since all this required a powerful way, then gives the strongest. И он был следующим: само Божие Слово, превечное, невидимое, непостижимое, бестелесное, начало от начала, свет от света. Источник жизни и бессмертия, отпечаток primitive beauty, print, unendurable, the image of an immutable, the definition and the word of the Father, comes to his own image, for the sake of the flesh is flesh, is united with a rational soul for my soul, purifying like with like, is a man of everything, except sin. Although chrevonosit Virgin, in which body and soul predochischeny Spirit (for the proper and the birth of honor, and chastity prefer), but the same has occurred there is a God and perceived by him - one of two opposite - Flesh and spirit, one of which deified, and the other deified.


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