Monday, February 21, 2011

Milenavelba Gallery 2009

Ted Hughes. See Bear

Growing from bulbs in wet soil licks black nose
pink tongue of his little eyes
opened and they see a mysterious gift of a huge rotund package
He trampled over him sniffing seams
delves into the wrapper, shining with joy hides jubilation sniffing scratches
Teases themselves scratching licking thinking about it
Swallows ecstasy small sips

about bears do not open the package
Sidi sydney da gray belly in the sun
All true, and everything really came
No matter how much time you spend, it will not go anywhere
lazily wandered around the lazy admire
All The midges attracted to him and going crazy
and all other proteins with the bulging eyes of delight
deer with bulging eyes of disbelief
Ermine with bulging of envy and cunning eyes
all go crazy from a small fraction of them are lazy otmahnis
Zev smile let your heart beat with happiness
Gray shiny fur his cheeks in the morning sun

You got it all for nothing

Ted Hughes. I See a Bear

Growing out of a bulb in wet soil licks its black tip
With a pink tongue its little eyes
Open and see a present an enormous bulging mystery package
Over which it walks sniffing at seams
Digging at the wrapping overjoyed holding the joy off sniffing and scratching
Teasing itself with scrapings and lickings and the thought of it
And little sips of the ecstasy of it

О bear do not open your package
Sit on your backside and sunburn your belly
It is all there it has actually arrived
No matter how long you dawdle it cannot get away
Shamble about lazily laze there in the admiration of it
With all the insects it's attracted all going crazy
And those others the squirrel with its pop-eyed amazement
The deer with its pop-eyed incredulity
The weasel pop-eyed with envy and trickery
All going mad for a share wave them off laze
Yawn and grin let your heart thump happily
Warm your shining cheek fur in the morning sun

You have got it everything for nothing


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