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[Translation] Popolo 2011.03 - Messages for Valentine's Day (JUMP EbiKisu, Yuma)

Bon bah I'm nice, here is a translation well funny xD
You've always wanted to know what or Yuma Hikaru Hashimoto or Kitayama or ... you will answer after offering chocolates for Valentine
course must imagine feelings respective
xD Well, the Popolo's done for us!
We have 23 people who tell us by mail (mail thus written in the popolo) what they would meet the girl they like after receiving chocolate Valentine
Small grip of the English translator:

This is the article Valentine's message from Mars Popolo, there have found the JUMP Kis-My-FT2, ABC-Z and Nakayama Yuma. Have asked the boys what kind of mail they receive if they would send chocolates to the girl they love. Of course the emoji (emoticons) have had keep (Note: Daiki, Keito and Tsukada have used emoji different from those bases, the English translator did not have, so it emoji to use bases that are as close as possible to those that 'they used). Hehe

with it if its not give you water at the mouth I can not help you
xD I admit I did laugh at some, shall I find another too Cabbage, "uninteresting" (meaning its not necessarily please me got xD)
The translator erected in top 3: # 1

# 2 # 3 Inoo

For my part, I agree Inoo and Kitayama, especially that of cauliflower is Inoo * o * For
Kitayama him his matches and at the same time is something that will skyrocket the red cheeks xD
Yuto is cute but not as much as others. My top 3 would be for me: # 1

# 2 # 3 Hikaru

Bon's place would be good also for Totsu Inoo but since we must make a choice "the law of the older ; wins "xD (it's not my Inoo fault is younger than me xD)
M'enfin y'en to other well cute like Nika-chan, Yamada (that cabbage I would say that it corresponds to what a child says to his "beloved" in primary xD but Yama-chan and his boils therefore must be his style to bring down the girls xD), Yabu stands up very well as c ' is ongoing and adorable (it does in the poetry Msieur xD), Tama-chan and Tsuka-chan is also cabbage. Then
level cracking and I say joke Taipi in the first part or for fun xD I cracked first part I would say Senga, I know why so cute but his email associated with the head I imagine he would do in the writing I find it so cute xD
Then I say, well copier Goseki xD Whatever Ryutaro too xD (I said no more to see you both there)
For the "phrase" common Goseki and Yuto Kawai write more I guess that sort of thing the two of them xD
Daiki at first I thought to myself "but it would be hate or what?" xD and then his hand too xD choupititude
Then for the other bah they enter into category: cute but not so cabbage xD
Yuma And well I did not laugh or find it cabbage ... xD
M'enfin 'for you to read and especially not hesitate to erect a top3 your favorite = D

messages of love on Valentine's Day came from 23 J stars?
'Please take our sweet confession! "

All: Hey! Say! JUMP Kis-My-FT2, ABC-Z and Nakayama Yuma told us their messages of thanks after receiving the chocolates! The messages that make you feel as if they became your boyfriend he will beat your hearts?

Thanks for the chocolates handmade
They were too good, so I ended up eating them too quickly,
So to be honest I have not really found taste
Therefore, can you join me for making chocolates
Next time I want to slowly savor the taste
While at your side
(Arioka Daiki)

Thanks for the chocolates
I have eaten right away but they were delicious

As Gift return
that will tell me?
I kidding, I love you

(Yuto Nakajima)

Happy Valentine

Thanks for the chocolates you gave me, I love it

so I
love you. Keito.
(Okamoto Keito)

was really delicious
Please do eagerly awaiting the White Day
キリッ (Kiri)
(Miyata Toshiya)

[ Note: The White Day is a holiday celebrated Japan brates on 14 March, a month after Valentine's Day.
At this day the boys must give a gift of chocolates in return received on February 14.
Note 2: onomatopé Kiri is basically Miya-chan is happy with what he has plan for White Day]

Chocolate was delicious
But I broke my tooth (laughter)
Takes responsibility and
it out with me.
(Chinen Yuri)

Thanks for the chocolates
was seriously good
Now I must go to the dentist (laughs)
Anyway it was delicious Thank

You know, I feel a bit for you too
(Morimoto Ryutaro)

Thanks for the chocolates
They made me happy
As for the gift back, you say that
(Goseki Koichi)

Thank you for making chocolates for myself particularly

was the more delicious
How should I say ... ... I love you

(Senga Kento)

Thanks for the chocolates (laughter).
Next year please
made cookies for me too
(Takaki Yuya)

Thanks for the chocolates
They were delicious
If you pleasure t-in for re- me again
(Tamamori Yuta)

chocolates were delicious ~ Thank

I was surprised when I received the chocolates but I
e ty seriously happy
It's a bit sudden, but
If you agree, please
out with me ☆
(Tsukada Ryoichi)

The chocolates were ~ delicious
My mouth and my heart melted
(Yabu Kota)

To you who reads this e
I liked the chocolate but I love you too

Next year

Let chocolate set, okay
(Inoo Kei)

Your handmade chocolates
were really delicious
More delicious delicious
those of a store that I know

Next time just make them at home
(Hashimoto Ryosuke)

Thanks for chocolates.
I love you too so please
out with me
(Yamada Ryosuke)

Thanks for the chocolates.
They have a little
made my heart beat ... (Laughter) But I really

(Taisuke Fujigaya)

Thanks for the chocolates.
I do not really like chocolate but
chocolates you made were delicious. I love you so

perhaps because of it.
(Kawai Fumito)

Thank you
I am happy
I think of something for you in return ~ (^ ^)
(Nakayama Yuma)

The chocolates were really delicious
If I was to receive those next year as I would be happy

In Nika
(Takashi Nikaido)

Thanks for the chocolates.
Could we meet next week?
Since I'd like to meet
and give you a gift in return?
(Kitayama Hiromitsu)

Thanks for the chocolates.
In fact I do not like chocolates
but they were delicious.
're walking around with me
you in this life sweet?
(Yaotome Hikaru)

Thanks for the chocolates.
The taste was really good.
And I was happy.
This could be loose as a man
for me to say something like this at such a time
if you agree, please
becomes my girlfriend.
(Totsuka Shota)

Thanks for the chocolates. The other day
m (_ _) m
I ate it all during brazenly
that same day.
Next time, please
do different things also
Once a week
What do you think?
(Yokoo Wataru)

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