Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Martingale Clip Chain Collar

Ted Hughes. Raven wakes

I exploded a bomb-cloud, heavy-headed, My huge fingers
touching their field, like a shadow.
I became quieter water, frozen in komyah soil.
I became less.
my eyes fell from my head into the atom.
My right leg was in the room and barked at me.
I tried to shut her damn mouth with a towel,
But she ran away. I chased her
a very long time - and landed in an insidious trap
Where served as bait in a human gut.
Stone probarabanil, eyes glanced at me from the cat's backside.
I swam upstream, cleaned in ice water. Then
tired and overturned. Asleep.
Waking up, I heard voices, many voices. This
my bones were chatting with each other
At high tide mark, buried in the shingle, scattered among the shells and feathers
and sternum shouted:
"I gave birth to millions and millions killed:
I was a leopard." - "No, no, no, no,
We had wonderful woman," - Screamed the edge.
"And we were pigs, we moved in to the demons, we cut the hatchet", -
shouted pelvis. And the leg bones
And the bones of the hands of fighting: "We have alligators,
haul down the beauties and would not release ".
" We were ass bulls "-" I was a surgeon ", -
" We were bunch ectoplasm that strangled the nun,
Later lain years a shoemaker's shop ".
teeth singing, spine crunching
something unintelligible.
I tried to slip away -
woke up and ran. I tried to wake up and run,
But they spotted me. "This is it, again, he said. Hold it!"
They rushed howling at me, I escaped.
icy hand grabbed my hair,
tear me away from my feet and lifted
high over the earth in a flaming star
On behalf

Ted Hughes. Crow Wakes

I had exploded, a bombcloud, lob-headed, my huge fingers
Came feeling over the fields, like shadows.
I became smaller than water, I stained into the soilcrumble.
I became smaller.
My eyes fell out of my head and into an atom.
My right leg stood in the room raving at me like a dog.
I tried to stifle its bloody mouth with a towel
But it ran on ahead. I stumbled after it
A long way and came to a contraption like a trap
Baited with human intestines.
A stone drummed and an eye watched me out of a cat's anus.
I swam upstream, cleansed, in the snow-water, upstream.
Till I grew tired and turned over. I slept.
When I woke I could hear voices, many voices.
It was my bones all chattering together
At the high-tide mark, bedded in rubble, littered among shells
And gull feathers.
And the breastbone was crying:
'I begat a million and murdered a million:
I was a leopard.' And 'No, no, no, no,
We were a fine woman,' a rib cried.
'No, we were swine, we had devils, and the axe halved us,'
The pelvis was shouting. And the bones of the feet
And the bones of the hands fought: 'We were alligators,
We dragged some beauties under, we did not let go.'
And 'We were suffering oxen,' and 'I was a surgeon,'
And 'We were a stinking clot of ectoplasm that suffocated a nun
Then lay for years in a cobbler's cellar.'
The teeth sang and the vertebrae were screeching
Something incomprehensible.
I tried to creep away —
I got up and ran. I tried to get up and run
But they saw me. 'It's him, it's him again. Get him.'
They came howling after me and I ran.
A freezing hand caught hold of me by the hair
And lifted me off my feet and set me high
Over the whole earth on a blazing star


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