Friday, February 25, 2011

Blood Blisters In Throat Tonsils

[Translation] WINK UP 2011.01 ~ Yaotome Hikaru

Yosh! Good
during this time when I can take the computer from my father I expressed
translation This translation I was forced to start all
For the simple reason that my computer no longer works and what I had already translated
Well I could not recovered the TT
short, I appreciate you forcing é_è

Between [] it is noted Translator English, between {} note from me = D


- Hikaru is a funky (yes I swear xD)
- He hates the bite but still was making acupuncture ... (Look for the error xD)

A: Ah, this is not good ~

The other day I shot Taguchi-kun during a game of survival (laughs). ~ But even if it is a world where relations senior-junior do not exist there [in the game], as expected when I shot him in my heart I thought "Sorry! ".

Ri: Rikiya-kun {Nakaegawa Rikiya guitarist and frontman Five}

The other day I went to a concert Tackey & Tsubasa. At that moment I saw the members of Five in and I was surprised (laughs). In addition
Nakaegawa-kun for example, danced really well as it normally was. In addition, because we're part of a group, I could not help but end up watching the performance of Five. Because they have much experience, their performance could take shape and sounds were really good too. Similar instruments have not fought at all [N : Hikaru refers to sounds made by different instruments are in perfect harmony]. Even if I was just looking, I really learned that. The concert Tackey & Tsubasa was really fun. There were many songs and also songs that I could dance. When there was a new version of the choreography, I was getting a little lonely (laughs).

Ga: Gakki (Instruments)

I recently bought a 5 string bass. Although Yamaguchi-kun TOKIO also uses a 5-string bass, mine produces sounds like a guitar and is also a slightly different type. It is made of wood dark brown and is also golden. It has a slightly richer feel. I must practice a lot!

To: Tooku kara koe (A voice in the distance)

story is a bit scary but the other day when it rained the night I was walking in the streets. As I walked far I could hear a voice like "Woh! ", something like a crowd making noise. I thought maybe there was a festival or something ... When I continued to walk as usual, the voice began move towards more and more. However, I did not know from where the original voice. I thought "Hey, what ... Do not tell me it's the voice of a ghost? " and I started getting a little scared. Just when I thought that it [the voice] came close to me immediately and I could hear a cry "Woh! " of my feet. Even if I thought "Uwa is really scary! "I gathered my courage to look there from whence {voice}. When I did somehow there! ... there was a sewer (laughs). True, I mistook the sound of flowing water with shouts of people ... (laughs)

U: Uso Desho? (Are you kidding me is not it?)

Recently, for the first time since I was born, I went to the acupuncture to adjust the e physical state of my body [ N: Some something like a balance in his body]. But I really hate bites. Although the spot where they began to sting was my Achilles tendon (laughs). They continued to do it on my whole body and the last place to be stung was the top of my head (laughs). In my heart I already cried like, "Are you kidding me is not it? " however, surprisingly it was not painful at all and after be it done, it was as if my whole body became lighter as if by magic.

scans + Credit English: kamenashi05


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