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How Long To Get Rid Of Jock Itch

[Translation] Report Kisuma: Blog Editor Life TV - 02/12/2011

Here is the translation of an entry blog
This is the Editor of the magazine's TV: Life TV
He returns to the concert Kisuma, which he attended.
I expected a surprise coming soon, is co-produced with my dear Kohai / Toubib Jolly-chou xD
And to follow translations of tweets, always around the passage of Staff Kisuma

また 逢える of Show
(Mata Aeru of Show)
(original entry here )
[ Note: If you do not know the title is inspired by the name of the tour Kisuma, where "Aeru (会える) means being able to meet and" Mata "(また) means again, so with a sense that people can see re-Kisuma]

This week, I thought to inform people about the content of Life TV 5 (04/03) publish next week February 16 (Wednesday) for the next few days.
But the concert which I went today, great news was announced. They were
shocking news that shook my body.
I can not not write about it here.

Today, the place I visited was the Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou.
is the last day of the tour Kis-My-Ft2 " Kis-My-Ft2 に 逢える of Show"> ( Kis-My-Ft2 or Aeru of Show) . The seven members of
Kisuma still have not started yet, but with things like Fujigaya-kun and Kitayama-kun appearing in " Misaki No.1! "currently posted, Kisuma " No. 1 Fire ~ Beat "being used as the opening theme of this drama, Yokoo-kun contained in ' freeters, Ie wo Kau "in court last year in October (autumn dramas), their degree of recognition has undoubtedly increased.
Who was transmitted also by the enthusiasm of fans who filled the room.

the middle of the concert, the party started MC.
There, they announced that Kitayama-kun and Fujigaya-kun appear in "International Music Festival in Pattaya" to be held March 18 in Thailand.
Then they announced that from 3 until May 10, Fujigaya-kun and Kitayama-kun have concerts in the theater Crea.
In addition, they also announced that from April Senga-kun, Miyata-kun-kun Tamamori, Yokoo-kun-kun Nikaido, the five will make an appearance in "Kabuki Takizawa. With
surprises announced successively, again i didn't feel that the happiness of the fans can meet members of Kisuma again, their blood has already peaked.

But the surprises were not only those.
Suddenly, Johnny's Junior appeared on the scene and returned to Kitayama-kun a brown envelope.
a brown envelope which is around A4 size. The seven members of
Kisuma who knew nothing, took the piece of paper that was placed in the brown envelope slowly, and began to read the document silently and timidly.

Just what was written ...
Anyway, everyone was waiting impatiently. We
media did not know what would be announced either.
But as the 13,000 fans who were gathered in this place, we hoped "that word."

So ...
Among the members, they made sounds that were like cries.
There were people falling on stage too.
The words were written on that piece of paper were so shocking was that all members could not stand.
At that time, all the fans understood what was written there. [On paper]
There are fans who have continued to monitor members.
There was no way they could not realize what was written on the shocked expressions
There was no way they had not guessed what was written given the shocked faces of the members.

"This word is written on it! "

I turned my head back suddenly to look at the back of the room.
Even if there was no announcement by the members, there were already many fans who were moved to tears.
There were fans who had their hands together as if praying.
Then when I turned my eyes on the scene, there were the figures Members looking down with red eyes.

So ...
face to fans who waited and hoped the announcement, it came from Kitayama-kun that finally works for everyone.
"Kis-My-Ft2 released its first CD this summer! "

At this time, there were members who ran on stage.
Fans who jumped around their own seats, fans who have dropped their seats in shock, fans who shouted incessantly, covered his face with both hands ...
They waited for years and years now, believing in the limbs.
is why the tears of happiness does not stop.
Even I do not really know which members have felt the tears forming.
is because there are fans who believe in them and continued to wait for the seven members of

Kisuma have been able to do their best.
Therefore, they have continued to grow and were able to approach the long awaited this day with their own strength.

A profoundly moving spectacle. It was
a sight so shocking that it was as if all my memories were gone.
When the concert ended, it was announced that will start in May this year.
Again, the 13,000 people who filled the room shouted.

After the concert ended, there was a small reception for the various media. [All media types then: press, TV, radio ...]
With one hand carrying paper cups filled with tea, Fujigaya-kun was one who stood up and made the speech before the toast.
While removing feelings of extreme happiness, he spoke calmly and balanced manner.
"I really think everything will start from now. We, all seven are to seize this opportunity properly. "
Finally, Kitayama-kun holding the microphone, representing the members.
"For us to be able to get this far, thanks to you (fans, people from various media and others) who supported us. From here too, please take care of Kis-My-Ft2! "

Started in May Unlike magazines
idol, since I have not really had the chance to present them, with their debut confirmed below, I think I can meet them again at a page of the magazine.
With the excitement of being able to attend that day offensive, I pay attention to activities Kis-My-Ft2 after this.

(Editor Chief)

Trad English: [info] shatteredtenshi


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