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Koyama [KAT-TUN] Tanaka Koki Star Oricon interview.

Hello ~ Are you alright? No? I understand you. Bah yeah. Tomorrow we take the grind of pourri daily life. Adieu my evenings on the computer until 3am, farewell my lie-ins until 15h ... Ah, depress me. TT But it will, on one hand I can not wait because I'll learn Japanese in my new high school hehe. (You're jealous eh? Mwahaha.) Well, on the side of your life, otherwise what's beautiful? Short, I am here to post the interview on the Oricon Koki Star. I found it interesting, and it was fluid to translate, so I started. I hope you enjoy it as much as I ~

Koki Tanaka speaks the first world tour of KAT-TUN.

What began July 16 as "KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2010 PART 2: BIG WORLD TOUR" took the KAT-TUN at their first concerts abroad. Oricon Star has been talking with Tanaka Koki before a concert in Taiwan in the group.

"We started as KAT-TUN. We are not the NEWS or Kanjani8, KAT-TUN us. I want to give my life for that. "

  • Oricon Star: Wow, that was erotic!

Koki: Hey, what?

  • Oricon Star: Your solo, Tanaka-san!

Koki: (laughs) My solo begins with''There's a difference between sexy and ero''. Sexy is something that comes from within, but the erotic talking through the actions, I think. Gender, make a lame or not buttoning your shirt. So this time I decided to see how I could be erotic.

  • Oricon Star: So you have correctly calculated the difference.

Koki: Well, I'm just really things that I want to do with the way I want to do. I've wanted to do things that do not exceed acceptable limits, and after I realized there were no limits "I can do many things" (laughs). Exaggerate a little bit is what works in KAT-TUN.

  • Oricon Star: The other members took solos that really showed their individuality (in the group) but I also felt that as a group, you showed a lot of solidarity.

Koki: It does not make things like''Let us join hands''or so as to ensure we protect the rear each, but I think it's now time to come together. I think it comes naturally. Our base at the concerts has not changed. If one of us feels grateful to the crowd, you will not say "Louder!". It is more the type to say "I can not hear you, you bunch of b * tards! "It's our way of doing things. (Laughs)

  • Oricon Star: I'm sure that's what the fans expect too. The way you move closer to the public also remains in my mind.

Koki: I think the things that were made during a tour of the arena is there for something. When repeated in the stadium from the Dome, there was concern about the distance. They said "We're not too far? (Public) "

  • Oricon Star: This is normal. And you played in the Domes several times before.

Koki: I know. Normally it is always held on to something forward when playing in the Domes, but this time was different. They prepared trams (trains) for us, but we told them we did not want it. Well, it was also because it was hard to get. (Laughs)

  • Oricon Star: It was surprising to see you on a horse at the beginning of yet.

Koki: I trained. Four hours total, but after the second day I could go faster. Ride a horse is funny. Our coach said I was really good to ride. I remembered the names of all horses, and I tapped their necks saying things like "Hi" and "thank you". I was told they had received the message. That's why I was ahead, I think. The horses work together in groups, so if the horse before panic, panic as all the others. That's why they said they needed the person best able to lead ahead. In fact, we had already worked with horses for the shoot of the CD cover no more bread.

  • Oricon Star: Oh, I see.

Koki: It would have been easier if we were on mountain bikes or road bikes for this shoot (laughs). But it's nice to make connections with the album. This is very significant to link one thing to another.

  • Oricon Star: So logically, the world tour too ...

Koki: Yes, we must connect it to the next. It expects to do even more next year. I do not know if we will be in position to do so, but I think it's important to know what you want to do.

  • Oricon Star: Do you have a strong desire to make that happen for you five?

Koki: I think it would be like if it was us five, or one, or two or three or four of us. If you fail, then this is the end. It really does not matter on the idea that we must work because we are five. Kind, if I said I had to do a concert of KAT-TUN all alone, I will work to make it happen. But if I had to do it alone, you'd see where I have problems singing (laughs). But I promised that I train on the beatbox Nakamaru and Junno solo.

  • Oricon Star: That's true dedication.

Koki: Well, we started as KAT-TUN. We are not NEWS Kanjani8 or, nous sommes KAT-TUN. Je souhaite donner ma vie pour ça.

  • Oricon Star : Vous avez bien une tournée à terminer, mais vous semblez ne rien avoir à vous inquiéter.

Koki: Honnêtement, on s'inquiète vraiment. Mais on doit le faire. On est pas là pour voir l'audience insatisfaite. Ils sont excités à l'idée de venir et c'est notre devoir de nous assurer qu'ils passeront du bon temps. C'est tout.

Ah, mon Koki, I love you. I confess that at this moment, KAT-TUN I have extremely bad, but if there 's one good thing that can keep me from dropping out (If Kame away) is really you. ♥ This guy is the best of KAT-TUN, you can not say otherwise.




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