Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Else Can I Put In Wine Rack?

nikki [NEWS / KAT-TUN] Yamapi no nikki, Eye-Ai

And yet a small article of mine between two outputs. I have too many heads in the ass, I spent my night at karaoke and it was really great.
But today I'm out, so I could not sleep a lot ...
Anyway, j'allege a little girls' work and give you some news.

First the announcement of a magazine that goes out in November with our friends as main characters KAT-TUN. Eye-Ai
November 2010 Issue [Feature] KAT-TUN
direction To order CD Japan: click

And nikki finish of Pi Pi that I say congratulations for his 14th year in Johnny's. Continues to make us dream:)
It sustains you through and for proof I'm ruined by purchasing a limited edition of Loveless that I did not and the normal edition of your new single that I did not command with the limited.

And for those who do not know, Pi Day Reccord win the release of One in a million. That day it was
the music product as sold on the whole planet. Congratulations to you P, you approach your goal!
For more info: click

AM 8: 06

Lately I have not been able to post regulirement, I'm sorry.

Yesterday I watched the DVD of LIVE NEWS from me.

I feel nostalgic.

Reminds me so many things that have happened! I hope we will soon
I can not wait for that moment come.

Yesterday was the day I entered Johnny's 14 years ago.

I wonder if time flies
Yes if 14 years were a long period.

But I'm going through.

Henceforth, I want to overcome all obstacles.

I will do my best to become better in all aspects.

I hope to receive all your support as before!

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A-chan (facebook)



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