Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make Homemade Wind Tunnel

Kyhen break.

Good evening or good morning to all (yes I guess little boys come on LJ) I'm not going to make or hold a big blah, as you can see from the title, Kyhen takes a break. Indeed, courts have begun, we are all more or less of high school and was therefore much less time to care for the LJ I think you understand we prefer to have a good education rather than deal with it. Know that it does us no pleasure to stop, but we think it best. Personally (Yoko) I think continue to translate Nikki on my LJ (which I created there's no time), so if you want to ask me ^ ^ '. Know that this is not the end but just a break! Well maybe it will last long ... And we'll see. That's after I do not know quite what to add, Hoshi will leave a message later ^ ^

Thank you for your understanding!

Ps: I put the link in my LJ:
Luu_cile (Well aware that it was a start to write without LJ anyone knowing so if you look at my other items, I tell anyone nawak ^ ^ ')

Yooo ~ I will not repeat what Yoko said, it will not do anything. I just wanted to say that for my part, I stop at the LJ cons heart. I must make myself clearly, I am in final and I do not have enough time to take care of Kyhen. Anyway, I really enjoyed doing what I did. I told you
pe soon.

Thank you followed


Nini desu ~ I hope you're well. (How are you, I come three years after everyone else?) Quit joking, the subject is not very funny. TT Well, I really wanted to put a word of thanks, so I'm starting. Thank you. Thank you to all the girls (and maybe boys, you never know) that we have followed so far. I must confess that I Kyhen really cares, even if I m 'occupied by more, but you really have the time. I live super far from my school, what makes me go back to the 20h & evening with homework and everything, I can not. ; sorry, too. Because I would have liked to do more things for this Livejournal. But it's not goodbye. I'll be back (for my part, but I think it also applies to daughters) when a little free time necessary to me. Have a nice evening, week, and everything else until it gives you new huhu. Wait for us eh ~! (There must shout "Yeah" as if you were at a concert NEWS / KAT-TUN, you see? I leave.)
Nishi but Nini Better .


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