Thursday, September 16, 2010

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[KAT-TUN] Emission Radio One and A-KAT-TUN STYLE + Going! Sports News Report

Hey! Always

me is that there has been new these days xD
So now the news KAT-TUN with two radio KAT-TUN: R-One KAT-TUN STYLE. And finally the
Going! Sports News Kamenashi.
We note also that Yuichi Nakamaru appeared as a guest in Episode 10 of Season 3 Hancho.

[2010.09.17] Kamenashi Kazuya - Kasu Kasu by: Miroriii
[2010.09.14] KAT-TUN - R-One: Miroriii
[2010.09.15] KAT-TUN STYLE: Miroriii
[2010.09.14] KAT-TUN STYLE: Miroriii
[2010.09.13] KAT-TUN STYLE: Miroriii
[2010.09.11] Going! Sports News: MU

That's all for KAT-TUN. Otherwise pictures unofficial concerts KAT-TUN are available on jk-no-koi . These are mainly photos of Kamenashi. I do not post for lack of time with all the news that I should add;)

edit: Addition of Kasu Kasu by September 17;)

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