Friday, September 17, 2010

How To Get A Kates Playground Membership For Free

[NEWS] LIVE (Album + DVD + CM) + SC + Waratte iitomo

Always me:)

you alright?
So as you know the new album is out of the NEWS, you will find the link for the album after that and the DVD that goes with it.
I put you as the MC of the album version and a full Shounen Club where Koyama and Nakamaru singing a few songs from NEWS and KAT-TUN.
I add also a program where Shige was found last Tuesday.


[DVD] NEWS - LIVE Unplugged - DDL
What they are beautiful, yet that I am not a fan of NEWS Oo

[CM] NEWS - LIVE - Part 1 DDL - DDL

Part 2 [Waratte iitomo] Passage de Shige - DDL

Shounen Club.ts - DDL
no Koi Sakura Girl ABO et par Koyama et
Love Rescue ~ par
yourself Nakamaru et Weeeek Going Koyama et par Nakamaru
Kyuu Jou ☆ ☆ SHOW! by Koyama, Nakamaru an Yokoyama

Sakuraishobaby Please credit if you repost.


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