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[NEWS] Translation MC of the concert and Seventeen vol.66

Here is a small entrance with some translations made by Mayu (Mayu thank you).
We begin with the MC's concert at Kyocera Dome NEWS September 19.
Then the volume 66 of Seventeen magazine publishes an article or Yamapi every month.
With that, sorry, I have plenty to share with you but I have not had time to upload: S
Good day!

Mini ™ with Yamapi, Ryo, Koyama, Shige

K: Do you have fun?!

Fans: Yeah!

K: Do you sweat?!

Fans: Yeah!

K: The new album is released September 15, do you listen?

Fans: Yes, we did it! \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3

K: But it was hard for people who came to the concert in Osaka to listen our album! There was not enough time since it was released 3 days before!

A: Is there any people here who have listened to at least 10 times?

Fans: Ouiiiii \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3

A: How does the album!?

S: It does than about 60 minutes ...??

A: So ... you've listened for six hours? ... Eh? Not ... For 10 hours? (Laughs)

S: Yes, about that time.

Fans: (laughs)

(Then they talked about when he had to use the flashing light pens as they did on September 18 ...)

S: When is it we use the bright lights of pens?

K: Well, Yamashita-san is allowed to decide again? When do we use lights ?

A: This is not the "lights"! This is the "flashing"!

P: I decided! Yesterday we did for Cherish. Today ... Today we did during Cherish \u0026lt;3

Fans: (laughs)

K: Now is the turn of the 2 that are not there! Tegomasu!

(Tegomasu appeared \u0026lt;3)

T: We Tegomasu! \u0026lt;3 Everybody, you know Tegomasu?

Fans: Yeah!

T: Do you Chuki (CHUK = love) Tegomasu \u0026lt;3?

Fans: Chuki! \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3

T: Well, say "Daichuki! (I love you) \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3 Seeno (prêts. ..)... !

Fans: Daichuki! \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3

T: Me too \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3

Fans: Kyaaaa \u0026lt;3

T: Masuda-san, do or say something please \u0026lt; , 3

M: ...... Ok! \u0026lt;3 Rinrinrin, rinrinrinrin, rinrinrinrin, inrinofjoi (during which he put aside his legs wide open with knees bent, making the shape of the set "M") (laughs)

Fans: & T: ........

T: Ok ..! It was Tegomasu! \u0026lt;3

M: With such sentiments, I'll sing the next song! \u0026lt;3

Iitai dake corner (Questions of staff for KoyaShige)

- What would you say if your girlfriend had to go dressed as Hello Kitty? (Between them)
K: ... Do I see what I see? Eh?
S: Well then, I'm Danie [the boyfriend of Hello Kitty]! ;)

- What you would say if your girlfriend had to go dressed as [Commodore Matthew C.] Perry? (To Koyama)
K: How do you came today ?.... Ah, black boat? !

- What would you say if Perry enters the bathroom that you hold? (With Shige)
S: Ah, Perry-san, I'm still here ... Now I am fully open to my territory, my black ship ...

(Koyama stops in the middle of his reply)
K: OK! You! Stop it! What's this!? My black ship ... ! (Laughs)

K: And if we tried to go backstage!? ^ O ^! Camera-san! " You can, please?

(The camera showed the scenes ... and there was Massu \u0026lt;3 He was doing pumps ^ - ^ Massu noticed the camera and looked e \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3)

K: Masuda-san! Is it going !?!?!? Tell us what you just want to say now please!

M: (Massu looked the camera with a smile) Fufufufufufufu (laughs) Audience and

KoyaShige: (laughs) \u0026lt;3

K: The next question is the last!

- What would you say to Osaka? (Between them)
K: Seeno (prêts. ..)!
(They answer the question at the same time)

K: Governor
Hashimoto S: Takajin [singer Osaka]

K: Ah ... ah ...

main MC:

K: Do you listen to it!?

Fans: Yes, we did it \u0026lt;3!!

S: It includes a bonus DVD! When I looked, I thought we were all very good at singing!

K: Yes! Shige was very good! Not true, Tegoshi-san?!

T: ...... Eh? What !?!?!? (He was not listening)

K: I said that Shige was good at singing! What do you think?

T: Shige ... Yes it was! \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3

A: You're rude! "

S: Lately, it's rude!

P: It also includes the making. Because the camera has saved us when we do not realize, there are scenes of us naturally! ^ O ^

K: Yes, yes! It's pretty scary! When I looked, I thought "They even filmed it!?"! And now that you say ... clothing and Yamapi Ryochan were like! (Laughs)

P: Yeah! (Laughs) But it was completely accidental! It happened from time to time!

K: But Massu realized he was being filmed by the camera for the making immediately!

S: Yes, yes!

M: I'm terrible for Makings ... I feel embarrassed!

T: Recently, when Massu fails telling a joke, it catches up with a smile!

M: I transform the atmosphere into a deep silence at the Tokyo Dome and Kyocera (he seemed proud of it)

S: Do you understand? You fail.

M: Yes! I understand!

S: Even a few minutes earlier, you did Iitai dake in the corner.

M: But ... To Shige's easier because you have received a question! On the contrary, for me, why is it that it was "a stroke, say something that you just want to say "...?

S: Well then, next time we will give you a subject?

K: That's pretty scary! Really ...

M: Well ....... (With a small voice) Tell me about beforehand, ok?

K: Speaking of making, Tegoshi-san is the first that needed to be censored, right?

T: Eh?!? Me? Why?! I never changed my clothes completely before the camera!

K: Tegoshi wearing a bathrobe often!

S: Peron? (He refers to the bottom of Tegoshi xD)

K: Hey, hey! Kato-san! (Koyama began to get nervous)

T: Eh? Really!?!?

A: Tegoshi of Tegoshi?

K: Hey! Hey! Hey!

S: Tegoshi Junior!

K: Do not say that making look like Johnny's Junior! Hey! Stop it! I can not imagine how the discussion will spread! (He was rather nervous)

P: Pokémon Tegoshi, eh?

K: Even if it joins Yamapi! There is no chance that this (discussion) end!

K: In short, the robe is super Tegoshi!? ....... Eh? It is common now?

S: No! There is no leopard print!?

Fans: Kyaaaa \u0026lt;3

T: Yes! I love the leopard print design \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3

S: His headphones (earphones) is leopard print too!

S: What is it that of Koyama?

K: I've marked my initials! KK, look!

T: That's true ...... Kamenashi Kazuya! \u0026lt;3

fans and members: (laughs)

K: Why?! I'm not a fan ...... and Ryochan?

A: Mine is ordinary! But it is yellow! You can see it? He has no special meaning, it broadcasts only music .... (Laughs)

K: Shige!?!?

S: Mine is simple! In fact, I wanted to write "Watch your back!" But I gave up because it looked like something from the 20th century! (Laughs)

K: Massu!?!?

M: Mine is also normal \u0026lt;3

S: Eh? Is that you had attached something before?

M: It was yellow before \u0026lt;3 But I had a different feeling when I received when I left \u0026lt;3

S: That of Nishikido-kun is yellow. What of that?

M: ...... That of Nishikido-kun is right. It has a mustard color \u0026lt;3 Mine is a fluorescent yellow.

K: And Yamapi!?!?

P: Mine is simple and common as ^ o ^...... Now that I think Yassane (Yasuda and K8) uses this type of headset (earphones) in his private time too.

A: If I'm not mistaken, that Yasu is leopard print too!

P: Yeah! Yes.

P: The conversations are interesting Shige and Massu! ^ O ^ Even yesterday in the elevator.

S: We were talking about the bathroom!

M: Yamashita-kun likes to bathe in the shower from the start!

S: It was not the image of someone who is steeped in hot water!

M: Koyama, who was listening to the conversation at hand us, whispered "...... It was not the image of someone taking a shower ... or someone who is steeped in hot water ...."!

P: ........ So I look like someone who does not bathe xO! (Laughs)

K: Massu, do you want to say?

M: It was decided that I will appear as a guest in the second episode of the drama "Juui Dolittle! \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3 Do you know?!!?

Fans: We did not know!

M: Do not forget to watch it, please \u0026lt;3

Seventeen [Vol.66]

Passion Behind the cool attitude Yamapi passion lies . Yamapi told us anecdotes about the scenes of the film that stirred his body and his heart about the passion in general, about the periods of his childhood when he been weakened by a high fever, and other burning thoughts.

During the warm nights, I put my air way I rule for a period of about an hour and I'm going to sleep. There are times when I wake up because it's too hot, but if I get up I do not want anything to do, so I try to withstand the heat and returns to sleep. This can be difficult to sleep in the summer, but I still love her much more than the winter! The hot sun and sea are the best things! It's nice to just watch and swim is fun too. I feel that if you go to the sea, it has all the fun you need. Recently, I went to Guam with my family. My grandfather and my grandmother followed us too, so we chose to go to Guam because it was close. I went out cycling again, but I have not done much. I guess I really do not let me go unless my friends are with me.

When I was a child and a fever weakened me, I liked ê ; be at home, stay in my futon and watch TV. It was a little joy to watch educational programs of NHK that I could not normally see. The standard food when it was cold in the house Yamashita udon with eggs. Sometimes, my mom made it for me and sometimes we stopped at the store udon outside the hospital and ate there before going home.

While I was shooting the film "Ashita no Joe", there was a time when a fever of 39.6 ° C I weakened. I went to the hospital immediately. But I told myself: "I have to!" And I recovered in a day. I was really freaked out! I feel like I put everything I had into filming "Joe". The scenes of boxing and fighting were extremely harsh. I felt the blood in my head and my body was boiling. At first I was afraid to hit or be hit by my opponent. The director told me: "Hit harder!" But I hit slightly to the point where I could feel like hitting my opponent. In the scenes of combat, they hit me hard in order to make me lose my cool. In those days, I was not playing, I was seriously annoyed. When I behaved this way, the next time my opponent has hit a home in which I felt no pain. I was in this state mind during the shoot, and when filming ended for the day, all the energy output is at full speed of my body. I am not so angry in my normal life. I did not complain on the board, but maybe I'll say it in Seventeen: just between us, it was really violent! I lost five kilograms. I did the diet and I could not eat, so it was hard to keep my energy at the top. The main food of my diet were vegetables, chicken breasts, egg whites and hard drinks protein. I drank about five protein shakes a day to appease my hunger and keep my muscles. I think that keeping the scheme gave me hunger, gave me a fighting spirit. But ultimately, humans must eat. The first thing I ate after my plan be completed was the yakiniku! Over the past two weeks we have made the fight scenes, I did not eat fatty foods or white rice. The moment where I tasted the yakiniku for the first time after two weeks, it tasted so fatty, and I thought: "Is it still CAA been like that? "It was as if I were to eat for the first time. After filming was completed, I guess that all my deductions had been kicked, and I ended up eating two to five times more than I usually eat. I usually do not eat sweet food, but I had intense cravings for them. My co-star Iseya (Yusuke) was also a diet and has stopped rotating before me, and he told me to be careful because your appetite is beyond your control after ; soon as you stop dieting. As he said, I really could not stop. Even when I was sated, the impulse that drove me to eat was always there. The other day I also went to the store of curry and I commissioned a large omelette with curry. I thought that my stomach does not digest it probably easily, so I took medicine against stomach pains and went to sleep. I think readers of Seventeen is the age when we start worrying about diets, but I just want you to hear me speak on this subject. Schemes monsters are really dangerous, then you should not try them!

The word "passion" makes me think of two guys. One is Kamenashi Kazuya. We did not really seen them lately, but it is really intense and I think he works hard. The other guy is Ikuta Toma. As an actor, Toma is very consistent in the sense that it can stay fixed on one thing. She is very conscientious. I know him since we were children, but to talk with condescence, I would say it has grown pretty well (laughs). He has innovated and there are many things about him that are sources of inspiration. I really respect. I said in front of Toma: "You are truly amazing" and he laughed. If this was the old days, these are words that I would never be able to say, but I think I've become more open recently.

The "passion" is a positive energy. I think that feeling of passion is better that being jaded. I want to be passionate and engage in various challenges.


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