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Manual Compresor Leroi

[Fansub] Jr Colloseum (Shounen Club) 10.12.2010

Bon bah eh here I had promised this video After many galleys subtitling (I knew it could not be too long ...) encoding (which I also really annoying, luckily my expensive software did not crash), the t (gallery too - ") and upload 4plantage worst in the space of a day! For t excuse me if some parts not of subtitles, but the video did not English at this level and my level of Japanese is not good enough to understand. For misspellings, please forgive me too, I'm not very good at spelling and conjugation, but I still hope that there is not a lot ; ment ^ ^ " For subtitles I hope they are clear and legible
= D Okay now move on to" things Little serious xD
presentation with links df = D

What we therefore is that smile Kento? ; Who is "Fur"? What happens therefore Kawai?
Just a few things to remember:

- Kame is delusional if you look for someone to scream girls is perfect XD
- Tamamori just too chouuuuuuuuu * o * (poor Kame still bothers him a bit xD)
- Akun ... xD Just because his last trip made me laugh (poor Nakamaru xD)
- Kawai, because Mr. incomprehensible but so stupid xD
we forgive - and Kouchi-kun is really so cute also

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Miaka3301, Panda, Joumiou

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