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[Fansub] Christmas Medley (Shounen Club) 10/12/2010

Good I promised a friend so here's my promise is kept xD
As the title suggests this is a special Christmas Medley Shounen Club when Yes the same as last time xD So my second video I hope you enjoy it = D
(Yes sometimes I also do not talk much ... xD before cutting LJ xP)

Good 3 captures this with the title xD - First SNOW EXPRESS NEWS sung by Koyama Keiichiro with ABC-Z - Bokura no Machi Then of KAT-TUN, Nakamaru Yuichi and by the Question? - And finally Kinki Kids Another Christmas, for all the small group of two previous songs joined by Kis-My-Ft2 Okay so first things I forsake the video for one week although very obvious lack of motivation
And when my motivation is back bam another problem: Another Christmas to translate into French, yet its
go away but on the last ; re phrase my limit is going crazy xD.
Well I said at once to "avoid trouble" tell us, I did not translate SNOW EXPRESS I took the translation directly Nautiljon for Bokura no Machi's the same except for a sentence I translated it myself for the simple reason that I found weird xD I
For Another Christmas therefore almost all translated, but the last sentence (the one before Christmas on my own), this one I can not translate it, and my dear friend like Panda. So well I freely admit I took the translation on the video of a shounen club special Christmas of 2008 translated by Baka-chan

fansub, so credit this sentence to them!
The lyrics are all from Nautiljon too (yes great source of information for lazy xD) and my translation of Another Christmas is made from the English translation of

. To finish my review with "solo"
SNOW EXPRESS : I find this song really well, I had the opportunity to listen to sing in the NEWS world and I must say I much prefer this version of the song.

Bokura no Machi of
: I really love this version, the voice of the Nakamaru with Question? in a really beautiful record. We can say that this version as my only carry the original = D Another Christmas
: I never heard the version original (not so fan of Kinki Kids ...) but I still fully appreciate this song. How "January" and "November" have spoken made me smile. Otherwise, well the voice of everyone and it is good * * door (and yes even crap 5am ... xD) Seriously, the voices of all have a very good records and agree very well = D Filesize: 113 MB
Image size: 1024 * 576
Duration: 3 minutes 35 seconds
me from a rip SC Trad:
Miaka3301 (Another Christmas), Nautiljon (rest) and see what I wrote before Encod, Upload:

And because I am "sadist" I offer you other nice little catch and alerts you to take a bib (or rather a basin xD) and attention to your poor little heart xP Click on photo to enlarge = D


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