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[Traduction] Ueda Tatsuya - Sodachi Jima ~ Kanji, Romaji, Français

This is the second gift = D The French translation of the song "Sodachi Jima" Ueda Tatsuya This song is on any CD, she ; was sung during the tour MOUSE PEACE Ueda For those who remember what it is (xD) MOUSE PEACE is the name of the tour solo first in Ueda 2008 Then in 2010 with the Five = D This song was written and composed by Ueda himself A kind of homage to Island who grew up: D = Okinawa I could not find the lyrics other than kanji (and katakana word for "Okinawan language") I really would like to thank e standards my friend:
Jolly Roger
who took the trouble to (and time) to get me the lyrics in romaji
Truly heartfelt thank you = D ♥ Jolly

short that That is what I could say about it?
Well first song when I listen the first time it made me cry (seriously! XD)
I find truly sublime, the voice of Ueda above is superb and even the girls who sing with him do not spoil the song xD
(I tend to not really love songs and girls singing with them, not jealousy far away but I think its not necessarily make good - ")
short so I went gaga over this song when I heard MOUSE PEACE that song would be on the single of KAT-TUN
I really hope that it will be for two reasons: first, that it is huge ment of feeling for him (yeah it's a tribute to Okinawa, where he has really a lot of feelings)
And second, because this song is wonderful and has a gift for me captivated, the lyrics are not to be outdone also * o * I was a little disappointed that it was not there, m'enfin 'j' underpins still happy to know that he did not forget putting NEETman MOUSE PEACE (not that I thought he would not forget it but I thought at that xD) I managed it really trying to tracking down two things: the English translation of this song and FANCAM quality not too bad on this song xD That I think is good, I said almost everything I want to say about this song now so I spend the "principal point" of Article xD The lyrics and translation! I'll put the lyrics in kanji (with brackets in katakana word "dialect Okinwa"), the translation and my translation in French so. For this d'ailleurs je remercie encore ma imoto-chan Panda d'avoir bien voulu m'aider (d'ailleurs pour les traduction à venir c'est elle qui va m'aider xD)

raised island / Sodachi Jima


Ueda Tatsuya
endless shimmer on the road going to the island of vivid dyed or small plants we Kunu 島Nu * Wind (Casual) Bore 海Nu was delivered to the other side I'm on board solar
島Nu (Tiida ) Bore heart was light (Kukuru) rain (Ami) both rings rains discord (Casual Nami) being blown gently gale coming (Upukaji) dyed red ones Churaumi jerk off Zawa we trees
rainbow shining in rainbow if Torere clouds in the distance (Nuji) burst reflected the Wind 島Nu (Casual) fellow I (Eju) was delivered to the other side carrying 海Nu Bore
島Nu (Tidus) Bore heart was light (Kukuru) rain (Ami) rains also sounds like

Repeat * 島Nu (Casual) You guys (Sina), was delivered on board 海Nu Bore Beyond 島Nu (Tidus) Bore heart was light (Kukuru) rain (Ami) both rings rains 心 (ククル) に 残る くぬ 美 くぬ 島 よ

Nami Otto shizukani kikoeru washita Chiisana shima
Hirogaru "Uuji" hatenaku dokomademo am Hatake
been no Owari de Michi " ; chira chira "Hikaru
kusahana Chiisana shima-tachi ga wo kunu azayaka of someteiku

* Shima nu kaji (Kaze) yo watashi wo nosete todoketeta drinker too bore
Shima nu nu e katana tiida (taiyou) Terashitetabore kukuri (Kokoro) by AMI (ame) Ga Nari furou volumes

Nami Kaze (yam kaji) shizukani fukarete yattekuru u ~ pu survey (Ookaze)
Jura umi ni maa sumite Kiritachi ga aka "zawa" meku
to rereba Toku no Kumo Hikaru Nana iro ni ~ nu ji (Niji) utsuri dasu ga Shima nu

survey (kaze) yo, e ~ Bure (Nakama) wo umi nosete todoketeta bore me katana Shima nu e
tiida (Taiyou) Terashitetabore kukuri (Kokoro) ni ami (ame) ga nari furou Tomo

* Repeat

Shima nu Kaji (Kaze) yo shi na ~ (Minna) wo umi nosete todoketeta bore me katana Shima nu e
tiida (Taiyou) Terashitetabore kukuri (Kokoro) ni ami (ame) ga nari furou Tomo
Kukuri (Kokoro) nokoru Kunu Jira shima ni yo
The silent sound waves that can be heard on my little island community Escape to the vast forests, this seems to be endless
Roads that never end, are e ; sparks
Shrubs and flowers color this island and bring mirth

Carried by the wind, I approached the sea
The sun shining on my island I can
hear the raindrops echoing in my heart

* The sea breeze blows gently over
A destructive wind burst, the dye sea of red and uprooting trees

Pushing the clouds away,
The 7 colors of the rainbow appear

Carried by the wind with my friends, we approached the sea The sun
of Island shining on me
I can hear the raindrops reverberating in my heart * Repeat

Riding on the wind with everyone, we approached the sea The sun of Island shining on me
I can hear the raindrops reverberating in my heart
What remains in my heart, is this beautiful island


Lyrics (romaji):


Lyrics (Kanji) + English:


Finally, as many do about what I said xD A FANCAM of this song and I said two things: For the song (fanrip) so you can find it (with other) on LJ of Fairy Ueda
fanrips These are very good = D For FANCAM, credit is therefore the person who posted Credit hence the nickname of the person who posted on Youtube xD Please feel free to tell me your opinion on: the lyrics and song


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