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Costochondritis With Painful Mucus

[Translation] Kis-My-Photobook Ft2: Kitayama Hiromitsu [Part. Q. 100 & R.]

me here with a new translation question
Point KAT-TUN, but another of my favorite groups: the Kis-My-Ft2
This is the photobook of Kisuma, yes the one where they had to ; Macao to do xD short so it is here the "3" (it was written like that on the LJ English xD) So here we have 100 questions (I admit it's not that matters but good xD)
So I begin by Kitayama (not even express the worst xD) I hope
; that you please re
xD So I'm not the only one to have translated, as my dear Imoto-chan (Panda) my help
Besides a big thank you because otherwise I think I give up xD Then
to talk about it, well what about? I find stuff too cabbage and other fun stuff well
I wanted to talk about other things, who saw the last Ghibli? (Arrietty the small world of Pilferers) I had seen the movies and I love it, well I was bullied by kids - "
But I have a great time, c ' Ghibli is not the best because of some scenes, not exaggerate, but saying that contrasts somewhat with the rest of the atmosphere (I would say no more for no spoiler if you have not seen ) Otherwise the enormous strength of the film is undoubtedly the music!
Its fits perfectly every time, it takes us directly into the film and the present. Have
can applaud the work of Cecile Corbel above. Meanwhile
me I will loop the songs xD It's soft, beautiful and soothing = D

short truce chatter here is the translation = D


Kis-My-Ft2: 100 Questions & Answers

Size : 167cm Weight: 58kg

Blood type: A
Date of Birth:
September 17, 1985 Entry same time (Johnny's):
Fujie Kazuyori (Questions?) Birthplace:
Kanagawa Size:
26.5cm (Equivalent to 39-40 of France) hand Size:
18.3cm Ring size (left hand):
13 flexed bicep size: 28.4cm
Origin of name:
It caused a great idea (light) Favorite foods:
Meat, fish Foods hated:
No frequently drunk beverage: Water
color bedsheet:
White Color Mobile: Black
Number of strap on the phone: 1
Something that must be in the fridge:
water favorite furniture in the room:
favorite dish to cook for your mother : Shogayaki favorite song at Karaoke:
I do not go, so I is not Long wallet? Foldable Wallet?
Recently portfolio Foldable favorite event of the year?
Summer vacation First CD to buy?
"Midnight Shuffle" [Kondo Masahiko (Matchy)] The work that you wanted to do when you were little:
A job that would allow me to speak English. Your model / drawing favorite
Like vary
What is your personal style? American Casual How do you spend your holidays:
Friends and beach What you wear to bed:
Sub-ve Wear Something written on your ballot when you were young:
Child stirred A bad habit you can not control:
Still asleep First thing you do in the morning:
Bathe Tré sor?
My parents What would you do on the day of the end of the world?
Spend quality time with my friends. Your biggest fault / failure so far:
I took the wrong train and I was late for a flight The birthday gift that you are most welcome:
A letter What people often say you?
Angry / Irritable SMS or Call, which do you prefer?
sms When was the last, you cried and why?
Watching movies Sempai Kouha or you're the closest:
Takki (Takizawa Hideaki) Would you be reborn as a man or woman?
Male Hair or profile you'd like to try:
Your first time on stage: At a concert Tackey & Tsubasa
Your remedy cons stress: Eat a good meal Your Voice charm
Lips Your Wallpaper (screen font) Notebook:
My dog, Pocky
Movie you love: "Saving Private Ryan (Saving Private Ryan) Earthquake, Typhoon and Lightning .. . What do you dislike the most?
Earthquakes Strength:
Can sleep anywhere Weakness:
fall asleep anywhere School Event The most memorable
Field Trip favorite season:
At home, you're the best for: Skip meals?
Emoji or emoticon that you use often: Sport where you are good:
Ball games A recent incident that irritate you:
Nikaido (laughs ironically) Sempai admired:
All matter where you are good :
PE (Physical Education) matter where you are wrong:
Math What club were you?
Football Your Currency:
Every day, just keep moving Fruit favorite
Melon Candy preferred Res:
I do not really candy Passive or Aggressive:
AGGRESSIVE! Your greatest weakness?
Sleepiness / drowsiness What do you need to wake up?
Portable favorite flavor of Ramen:
Tonkotsu (pork bones)
What you have in your bag: Water Cologne recent Dream:
I was rich Favorite Color:
Black, Red
Sweet or spicy? Pungent Do you fortunes?
Slightly If you were not in Kis-My-FT2, what would you like to do?
Everything else What would you do if you had a month's leave from tomorrow?
Firstly, I want to go abroad Happiest moment of your life?
When I'm with my family Costume favorite
None in particular Favorite Song:
Goodbye, Thank You If you had to ; select from other members?
Big Brother : Yokoo, Little brother: Senga,
Lovers: Tamamori, Best Friend: Miyata Friend: Nikaido, Cousin Fujigaya
Members with whom you most often? Miyata Tamamori Which member do you see for advice?
None First impression of members:
B-Boy (someone who practices breakdancing) Yokoo: Tiny, Tamamori: Poisson Senga: É abroad, Nika: Brother,
Miyata: Chubby "If you become my girlfriend, I'll do it for you!" of all First, I want to spend time with you hair and color you like a daughter
As long as it suits him, fine. preference for clothes of a girl? Revealing good or bad?
Sometimes revealing clothes can be a problem A gesture that you love in a girl or a little trick that will make your heart beat faster:
When she laughs or smiles sudden (when I do not expect it)

You want your girlfriend to be older, younger, or has the same age? younger When you look at the opposite sex, where do you look first?

face Rendezvous ideal
I want to go to an appointment!
When was your first love ? Elementary School type of girl that you like:
A person who has a smile that I love type of girl you do not like :
People false Fragrance favorite
All citrus Favorite flower or flower you want to give your girlfriend:
Her favorite flower Will you be the one to tell (your feelings) / you confess? Or the one who receives (feelings)?
I want to say this, but I want be the one to admit The words of a girl that makes you happy?
I want to be with you Are you the type to get friends or girlfriend first?

Friends How do you want your girlfriend call you?
Mitsu Do you love or be loved?
Loving The smile or the tears of a daughter, against whom are you weak?
Both? If you had your heart broken, what would you do?
Firstly, I would go for a walk
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