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[Translation] Yabu Kota & Masato Kosaka - Chikai no Sora ~ Kanji, Lyrics + Translation

A croire que je suis prolifique xD Bon j'avoue sa me trotte dans la tête depuis que j'ai entendue cette chanson y'a quoi 4jours même pas xD Pour mon plus grand malheur il a fallu que je craque sur le Junior qui accompagne Yabu au chant
Seulement ce Junior n'en est plus un vu qu'il à quitter Johnny's - "You see my
xD short misfortune we do not care about that xD So the song is very beautiful Their voices go really well together And the lyrics are" adorable " xD Good
same time it does Yabu who wrote so well ... xD

Otherwise I am not a quiche xD good xD
talented but I try to write the lyrics of the last songs Kisuma (though not if seen as another last song has been sung for Shounen Club February
M'enfin one last broadcast will say to close the parentheses is * very long *)
So good try but I say that I have more trouble - "So I
returns a call (as for Ueda), if someone kind enough to give me the lyrics (and translation if it's not asking too much xD) I take
thoroughly xD Let's say it's because I'd like a translation because the song is really beautiful * o * And two
bah xD voili above a songfic voilou

Otherwise (to continue in the blurb that bothers xP) yesterday was my birthday '!
I was 21 years, and I getting old like me so well remember my dear friend Jolly
xD But other than that, I spend a birthday 'euhh unforgettable?
xD Well, for once my parents do not forget to wish me xD By cons others disappointed me ...
M'enfin 'I was surprised and pleased with the gift of a friend
Frankly I never thought it was being offered, then all day I had a big smile complacency on the lips xD

Enough blah-blah here are the words I will surely
like Sodachi Jima (indeed j'ignore ce que veux dire ce titre - ") donc kanji, lyrics, traduction et vidéo!
Vidéo venant d'un Shonen Club de 2008 = D

empty vows / Chikai no Sora
(Shounen Club)
Lyrics: Yabu Kota Living the dream
guide people toward a sign engraved in my heart all a dream

tomorrow I do not know anyone believe that the dream of the future give me this blank everyone who pledged
carve your heart toward a dream sign
明日 は 誰 も わからない けれど 未来 を 信じよう

すべて の 事 に 意味 が ある から 自分 を 信じよう

Chikai no Sora wo

Yozora miagete miyou ikusen
Hoshi no Negai wa Gout sorezore hitotsu hitotsu no ikiru shirube
Yume wa Hito wa minna

of kizamu
Yume kokoro e mukau shirushi
keredo Ashita wa daremo wakaranai
wi shinjiyou
Mirai Yume miru koto wo Boku wa akiramenai chikatta kono sora no Hito wa minna

kokoro no Yume e kizamu
mukau shirushi Ashita wa Daremo wakaranai keredo Mirai wi shinjiyou

subete no koto wa aru kara no imi wo jibun

Heaven vows

We look at the night sky with thousands of stars
We have one wish, each of us makes a
Dreams are a sign that we are alive

Everyone engrave in their hearts
A symbol that we are moving towards our dreams
Nobody knows what But tomorrow will bring
believe in the future I will not give
my dreams I made this vow to heaven
Everyone engrave in their hearts
A symbol that we move toward our dreams Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring But believe in the future

Because everything has a meaning / significance
Believe in us




Lyrics and English:


Good as I said the video now = D I hope you would much as me ^ ^



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