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[Fansub] Ueda Tatsuya - Talk Gold Wolf + Rabbit? (Shounen Club) 08/10/2010

Bon bah xD I crack enfaite gonna have to wait a little bit to what I have said in the previous article Article Arrietty is ready for it lacks some "adjustments" and it will be online = D I
For Kisuma video on my computer and thanks to my dear Jolly friend (and yes you're still quote xD) I the romaji and the French translation of the song * o * Taking things at "serious" but I repeat myself " and I crack! "xD I'm falling on this talk translated into English and since it is well Ueda and I did not resist the temptation translate xD
I confess that when it came out I made the translation into the evening is out there
to 2-3 days so I work on it until of about 3h-4am
On the 2-3 place where I "stumble" I send a message to my dear Imoto-chan (Panda) to help me So
รง I was staying just put it all on video and out

But now as I did not do things "half" xD I also took the trouble in fact the "show" The following words
was already translated into French by Asahi Yumemi

And Nautiljon posted on here but besides taking the version j 'I also took the English translation on the LJ community
6 Senses Of Miracle Garden

Vietnamese Community on KAT-TUN. So the person who translated the lyrics into English even translated a passage that had not been translated into French
phrase I translated as "If you do not understand, hurry up and disappear completely "even if it was not very sure of the translation (the person who translated the song) It pre
CISE down she thinks Ueda means to hurry up and disappear and not have (it) will discover it. The (on) probably equivalent to the response to the question "who is sincere?" Qu'Ueda just before laying. That little explanation for the "fast" xD
Oh and because I have to say xD I'm really pleased and surprised xD As you "know" I translated the manual for Ueda 50 (see below) and well as what it must do, so I put credit the person who translated the lyrics
In seeking to Rabbit Gold Wolf? I find it on his LJ and here on
article where she put her translation of the manual 50 Ueda at the end there 's a link to my article by saying that it is in French there * o *
Chui happy, maybe it's stupid but I am pleased
Both that comment because its means I did not such a bad job it will pay its small tears * xD *

Why Maru think you it right? What nonsense was said to make people laugh Ueda like that? ; Just to please the eye Otherwise good I still have a little "bugue" for the subtitles, because Ueda speaks quickly and is therefore quite complicated to implement well the subtitles Then my dear software encodes bugue him too and do not put myself properly the colors of the "lyrics" when he sings xD For those who like Question? (Like me xD) you will notice that Hiromi Goto is not bad he could play guitar like FIRE BEAT at the last SC in 2010 xD M'enfin I know at least y'en one that will be happy to have lots of good close-up Fujie xDDDD (although I would say a 2 since I'm in the lot xD)

Next to speak clearly about the video I retain:
- Maru seem to know much about concerts Ueda
- Ueda speak much much much * o *
- May have therefore conclude that he really love doing all these concerts = D

File Size: 159 MB

Image Size: 1024 * 576

Duration: 5 minutes 20 seconds
Vosta Talk:

daphuni (translation), J-One Records [info] (article / video to be members of the community to see the page) English Lyrics : 6somgarden RAW: Myself from a rip SC
Trad: Miaka3301,

Panda [info] Encod, Upload: Miaka3301 MU / MF


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