Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Often Can I Masterbait

[Traduction] Manual KAT-TUN

Sorry for the lack of new ^ ^ But I will prepare a gift for ...
not know when I xD I'll try for tonight, just have my software working properly: D Good for wonder what I'll say it anyway surprise (it will not plus but it does not matter xD) So in "collaboration" with my dear friend and my Panda-chan Juma I translated part of the Junior Colloseum Shounen Club last year after
; s many galleys I still have to make my subtitles then integrate my video And finally to upload it and you put it here = D Otherwise to return to main topic, here is the latest manual for Ueda
it to this year's running out of time because this manual is very short M'enfin 'I'll say a little good for her to allow me to get back quickly on the video xD On this nice little reading and then follow the video xP + another gift
And this I tell you what it is xD
Sorry I'm late. I wanted to discuss next year.
Next year is going in the direction of consciousness and group activities.
This year also thank you very much for everything you did.

not forget the feeling of gratitude, The cherishing
To be able to grow a little
For next year we all KAT-TUN will do our best,
Support us if you please.

Well then,
Happy New Year / Happy New Year

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