Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toddler Twisted Bowel

[Traduction] Manual KAT-TUN

I know I did not post for a while
xD But I was just lazy and I also wanted to try to advance my fics (that in good voice! = D)
M'enfin the key is there a translation for the sake of some xP
Not my look is not going to Rumi-chou xD
While saying? Junno surprises me again xD Decidedly I am beginning to appreciate more than before
But worry is my favorite xD Ueda
So in this manual is about the cold and rain xD But as a quick "debriefing" of the year
With particular tour, the Japanese public supports and abroad. He speaks so quickly next year, the anniversary of the beginning of KAT-TUN
Year will be the 5th when they finally pass
Major ^ ^ I will not tell you everything he says, but for once Is it being done rather
xD Ah if there are spelling mistakes please let me know = D
And finally I am addicted to his solo "GIRLS," leading to but very well
Yes I am myself surprised to like, but perhaps also the fact that there is Koki and Nakamaru there are
M'enfin love! xD (to marked with a red cross on the calendar * lot *)
my town Today is very rainy Tokyo
When it rains I do not want run

It's cold

The summer was hot, so the winter of this year will probably be particularly cold

Well, tomorrow is a music / musical show that will make the winter warm ~

Best Artist 2010
Each year we are appearing, so when we are appearing at this show / show
we feel "This is already the end of the year ~

is also my last entry this manual in 2010, looking back on this year ... was really a year of gratitude to all the fans m (_ _) m
2010 proved to be a good year, a tower where you have supported, which took a fresh start and where we could all do something enjoyable

At our first time abroad you have also supported
because I think that next year is the 5th ; anniversary of the beginning as KAT-TUN, this year we could do a good approach that led to

I think next year when I can do more activities as a group and as Taguchi Junnosuke'm super
Please support us / me o (^ ▽ ^ o) (o ^ ▽ ^) o
is a little early, but
Merry Christmas / Merry Christmas

Lend happily / being happy
PS: Remember to watch the Music Station SP

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