Thursday, November 25, 2010

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[Traduction] Message Change UR World

Here is the "message" for the single Junno Change UR World.
He speaks of the title song of course, also speaks much of his solo and GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME & REMEMBER
It quite interesting to have an opinion on it and see how he is proud of his solo xD
He had already in his talk last month's manual, manual you can find here translated
So now you know what it's like his solo, compared to what he says there and in the manual about it Are you disappointed or not? xD Personally I can not say I did not listen ... xD So here is his message = D

There are plenty of dance parties in "Change UR World. Even for the video, I think there are many dance scenes. By checking the images, I thought "woah ~ we are so synchronized. It is so rare to see if we ordered (laughs).
dance and the song really fit. There is a feeling of "this is how our style should look like, is not it?" Just listening to the song, the "dong dong dong dong" temporary leave a strong impression in our minds. Even live, we will be able to perform well.
As for my solo "GIRLS," because I want to try a new approach, I asked Koki and Nakamaru-kun to participate, thus forming unit "NTT".

The entire process, including the composition of music was done by me. Even when Koki and Nakamaru kun recorded, I was standing next to giving directions. I started love this song more and more. Product of a new job.

Because it was done with as a live target, the song itself also has many interesting parts. There are many sections with rap, and the part where 3 of us - me singing, rapping and Koki Nakamaru beat box simultaneously, the most lively and exciting. When I listen at home I also think that "I'm happy with that! "Hopefully everyone will be able to see the performance soon.

For the song "GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME", which is in the ER, I practiced diligently at home before the actual recording. Thus, during the recording (of course) I sang aloud, then maybe you'll hear my voice everywhere. Maybe I was a bit too serious (about it) (laughs).

Also, the composer of our songs is someone I really admire, so it's really great that we are able to produce something together.
"REMEMBER" is a song that has meaning refreshing. The impression that this is a song that we focus on a B-side.
is the 13th single. Each song in the interior has a profound meaning. Play in the hope of preparing for the lives of next year. Please listen to him!



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