Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soccer Shoes Infant Size

[NEWS] Tv Fan + Unplugged Live Preview photo + Yamapi no nikki

~ Hii you alright? I'm really happy because the magazine I'll post has p ***** nice pictures! * O *
TV Fan: MF
Ah nan but seriously, they are too mignoooons!! ♥ ♥

Then here's a picture preview of Live Unplugged

Do they not kakkoi? : D. And I dream where Pi is the fuse? O

24.08.10 8:09 p.m.

This morning after I woke

I discovered that my dog well liked had come under my roof.

I was cured early in the day.

They are just too cute (laughs)

Pichan, was it YOU? Or ...
Himechan was you?
No matter who it was, as long as you are able to withstand Yamachan dear, you're the best! ^ _ \u0026lt;

there is not too cute?! I love these dogs, they too are just too cute!

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