Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sample New Baby Email

[NEWS] Osama no Brunch + PCS Ryo & Saito Kazuyoshi + Master Hits + Ryo no nikki

Bonjouuur n__n. Already I want to thank you for coms because it gave me back the fishing and before yesterday I was not going very well and suddenly I thought Kyhen leave but now it is much better so thank you very much : D
Well, today I post the Ousama No Brunch with Pi
MF; MF (it was two minutes video ^ ^)
I suggest you look at the largely empty o streaming because otherwise it's really bad quality ^ ^. In any case Pi is super nice!

Then here is the performance & Ryo Saito Kazuyoshi the SCP yesterday, they interpret Puzzle & Utauta no Ballad
Puzzle: MU; MP3
Utauta no Ballad: MU; MP3

Master Hits yesterday called Massu Koyama, I advise you to listen here because it's pretty funny with Tegoshi and Koyama was then:) and t (in English I will not translate because it's very easy to understand ^ ^) And finally here

the nikki Ryo ^ o ^ Nishikido Ryo

20/08/2010 7:25 p.m.

Hi! I'm Ryo. (I'm RYO)

What are you doing now? (What are you doing now?)

When Can I See You ... * (When can I see you)

I really want people to meet as soon as possible ♥

I have a session with Saitou Kazuyoshi

on 27/08 (Friday) The Shounen Club Premium

People, by all means, watch the show, please

Nishikido Ryo was

* He wrote in English

Thanks Ryo for nikki x)


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