Sunday, August 29, 2010

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[NEWS] 24 TV + LIVE MC + Koyama Love

Bonjouuur n___n. Foua I can not stop listening Utauta no Ballad sung by Ryo Saito & Kazuyoshi, it is really great song! ♥. Short x), now I'll still post a small message for 24hTV was yesterday I think not? Or today ... I know could end in short I think Tegoshi talks about football but I'm not sure x). In any case, they are super cute ♥

Then here is one of the CM for the album LIVE: D It seems there would have 6, one for each member:). Today's is that of Massu's kakkoi mignoooooon too! They are all laughing except that Ryo has nothing to fuck MDRR
Streaming (SQ sorry: S) And finally

Koyama nikki:)


Yesterday in "news every", in
segment "Kininaru"

reporting I do on the task force to rescue the Japan Coast Guard was broadcast 手(パー)

In the task force rescue of 200
Guard divers Japan Coast,
only 36 people are chosen to be part of the Elite Forces.

I attended a team training special rescue exclamation exclamation

Did you looked in the "passing on the rope"?

At first I was terrified but

group members told me

"Before going further, think there is someone waiting for you to come save please do exclamation exclamation "

and so I could start with a fighting spirit パンチ

The world jobs that save the lives of people does not to spoil (himself) even a little 手(パー)

For training,
course you must train your physical strength, but you also need a strong heart and think "Rescue for Life" and "Never give up" パンチ

So this time it was a valuable experience.

For all members of the group,
thank you for spending time (for me) even if you were busy with the training exclamation exclamation

I do my best to convey to many people that I got from this experience わーい(嬉しい顔) 手(パー)

I would love to see this segment, see Koyama pass on a string that must ê be MDRR too funny.


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