Thursday, August 26, 2010

Minohd Ultrahd Difference

[NEWS] + IOM News Promo + NEWSmile + Yamapi no nikki

Hi ^ ^. Are you alright? Bof bof me, I ask lots of questions right now uu ' (I wonder if I'm not going to stop Kyhen ...>_\u0026lt;) . Short end, you have to fuck x). On August 28
Yamapi will be in a VTR for Osama No Brunch and August 30 & Koyama Tegoshi will be guests of Nep Leage (I do not know if it's a radio show or program)

Then here is still a promotion for IOM in China, Pi starts talking about ^ ^ 2:17

And finally the two NEWSmile & P ^ ^ Nikki

This time the theme is "Coming Soon! LIVE NEWS Tegoshi Yuya

Hello, I'm Tegoshi Yuya サッカー

The days still warm! グッド(上向き矢印)
But I'm happy because I love summer ♪

But everyone, pay attention to heat stroke and drink clean water! 手(チョキ)

Concerts approaching! ☆
I wait with impatience!

The meetings are finished. A little more and we'll begin the actual rehearsals!

We make preparations to do a lot of noise with you so expect it with impatience! 手(チョキ)

We will create a live that will drive all the bad and painful things!

I look forward to meet you ♪

let us love each other! ハート

25.08.10 7:35 p.m.

Yesterday, after a long time, I spent a relaxing day with Ryochan!

We even watched the DVD attached with the next album NEWS.

Watch all

makes even more interesting.

Personally I think the clip is not zero, so I hope everyone can also watch (^ 0 ^)

The video really shows us our true (laughs).

26.08.10 8:00 p.m.

Aujourd ' Today, after a long time, I met a school friend

for dinner! (^^)(^_^)

Now I go to the meeting place.

The music that is played well.

Good day!

Ps: Sorry if I not meet coms, I'm too lazy!

xgermanprincess @ LJ
A-chan @ FB


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