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Yes, I know. Almost two months without posting anything.
But I do not know. I'm not sure I am able to write here real and beautiful great post.
I read somewhere that facebook has created death of blogs and I think, haha.
I could tell my daily life, but my daily life is far from everything.
Living a life of group 12 with, at the base, with total strangers is going to be challenging.
must learn to live with the strengths and weaknesses of others. With their qualities and defects.
I share my room with 4 other guys. One of an English village bordering states in new brunswick, a Franco-Ontarian Ottawa, a Manitoba First Nation and a fellow of the British Columbia.
Just then this mixture to the base is incredible. My god that fitte not often together. Especially because of Quebec.
That's another point. Québec. My god that canada has nothing to do with us. But like .. nothing! On almost all points.
past 3 months I am a separatist. I can easily say after living here 12 weeks.
Katimavik. Wow. So many regulations. You could not even imagine, but not all. Sometimes
c'en is almost unbearable. My English is
improved 1000%. Caa same could report now. I was doing before, now I move easily in an English conversation. But at the same time, I persist in the evening to listen to my music that reminds me t where I am.
I know my English, but I do not know if I really want to use it for real later.
I want to live, work and aging in French. This is my language and that is what differentiates me first. What sets us apart.
I can see Quebec go from here. It's strange. Before coming here are a lot of things I do not see. It is loud, for real. Even in our faults, we are really strong.
Katimavik. Something feelings. Many workshops to exorcise all of us.
I constantly whining cons "his daughter-there stuff, but I see now that I learned more about myself in 3 months more than 20 years. Almost without exaggeration. I go back on many things that I was and I distance myself from a lot of others too. But really.
I'm still not what I want to do this summer, next year or just with my life. But it will come. I am less sure about returning to school next year. I'll maybe take another year to better prepare the groundwork for a full adult life. To live like this, with lots of independence and with many-many-many sticks in the streets just makes me more confident about my future life as a young adult in an apartment with friends. Surrounded and everything.
I do not know if I'll finish the program, I think rather than substance. I'll keep it as it will take me for what. But here in 3-4 weeks is chicoutimi. VERY Quebec Quebec soil. I bin jokes that I'll finish the last day katimavik cloudberry 'because I want to return to live in English Canada, but the option darker side to me very interesting.
It's easy to say "continue" and "it's just a few months." But wow. For real, every day is so heavy. So far a true reality. Here was no joe, we make our bread, we only have 4 periods (periods = morning, afternoon or evening) free, we are asked to forget, but to be more than this.
Anyway, I check. It's not like I was stressing me a lot with this. I
bin c't'été it back to the village. If y '
BELENOS. And you
When I left for katimavik early October, I thought I did not know me at all. I was away from me.
But I realize a lot of things I'm c'que.
I am fortunate to have wonderful friends. Nices clan, my friends BELENOS, visual arts, village, camp, etc.. Any full of classes on various projects of my life.
I love you.
My family too. More than anything else.

I repost, at least I would try.
I'll post something less long and boring. I would try


Happy Holidays to all the


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