Friday, October 23, 2009

Steeps Macha Green Tea

beuhnoit @ 2009-10-23T23:06:00

Bin bonsouuuère everyone,

y'é currently 11:06 p.m., we go back a little punk show in town. Young people are midland bin strange. I'm not sure love them.

I just finished my first week of work! I'm really happy with the job I had! I work in the Huronia Museum and the Wendat Village. When I work at the museum, I dress clean bin and when I work in the village, I dress dirt bin. No middle ground, Mahaha! Wholesale date What I had done my two days at museums was to learn the stories of the Huron and especially those who lived around the georgian bay! History really-really interesting! With this I am able to do tricks in the village to customers and lead groups of schoolchildren! I'm also full of small jobs, kind of design or creative! There's also the least nice job, household type, but good. All else is doing and what not so bad since that's teamwork!

When I work out, I'm with two good guys aged 18-19. It makes great physical labor. Ca'Mea reminds BELENOS fk I trip into a sacrament! hihihi. I carry the big pole built tepees, logging, maintains a fire, built a fence. Next week we shall build a new door supossé worse transporting canoes!

basically what's what goin '!


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