Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Littlest Pet Shop Fabric

beuhnoit @ 2009-12-23T22:51:00

I feel like a quitter. Starting
quebec, I left everything behind me.
Here, it is so exotic that it is quite reassuring.
I find myself.
Being away from family, friends, streets, our stories, our music.
I realize a lot.
Especially in this holiday season, far from everything. Far from the magic
especially. So
10 working days, seven days of house manager and beyond.
is Quebec.
Chicoutimi, haha. Best Quebec City.
I'd be like this in the history of Fred Pellerin. Be
those who remain still region when the 7 million Quebecers will be on the island.
But make no mistake, I love my group.
Even if we place between 1000 everyone some time.
It remains still more unified than the whole earth, At experiences greater.
katimavik I feel gave me a lot of resources, many answers.
I feel that if I abandon katimavik, I'd better shot if I stayed
There's still bin ICITE things for me, I would leave no tomorrow.

But I'll leave. Find life


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